Soccer balls vary in design and also construction. In this ar of Soccer ball World, the construction and design of the soccer round is described. This contains the various products used, types, sizes and also weights of football balls. The adhering to topics are reviewed:

Find out around the latest designs and top balls from various brand surname in the Developments section.

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Ball Construction

The four main contents of a soccer ball room the cover, the stitching, the lining and the bladder. Understanding these components and their choices will aid you in choosing the perfect ball to meet your playing and quality needs.


The an initial stage is to role out the product to be used for the outing casing of the ball. The casing is typically made from numerous layers of fabricated foam-filled leaves (panels), which are glued (laminated) with each other to produce a tough, smooth exterior.

The leaves are reduced into the exact amount essential to make one ball. Then the panels space pre-printed with any kind of brand names and also graphics before being cut. Every logos would certainly be printed at this suggest in the process. Printing is typically accomplished through silk-screening onto the sheathe material. After printing, the product may have one more layer of clear urethane (or one more proprietary material) applied over the printing because that protection.

The variety of individual panels required are then reduced out, and holes room pre-punched in preparation for stitching. The stitching is performed by turning the sphere inside out, for this reason none the the stitches present on the outside. A different kind of needle is used to finish the stitching of each panel, which efficiently makes the last knot ‘disappear’.

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The stitched round is climate reversed, the bladder inserted and inflated. One stitcher can usually do four balls in one day. 

Check out how the 2010 Official civilization Cup Jabulani ball is produced.

Then another procedure begins because that those football balls seeking either NFHS Authentication, FIFA Approved, FIFA Inspected or worldwide Matchball traditional (IMS) status. That process is the independent laboratory testing required to achieve one of this hallmarks. For a more detailed look in ~ the approval species and testing procedures, click here.