(Television Personality, News Anchor, Producer for CBS)

Julie Chen is a CBS producer, tv personality, and also news anchor. Julie is married to Leslie Moonves. The couple has one son together.

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51 years 10 months
January 06, 1970
Julie Chen
Queens, new York City, new York, joined States
$8 million
5 feet 5 customs (1.65m)
Television Personality, News Anchor, Producer for CBS
David Y. Chen
Wan Ling Chen
University of southerly California
56 Kg
Dark eyes
24 inch
34 C inch
35 inch
Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus
November, 2021
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People were composing that i was horrible at the job, and also there was all this talk about "blurring the line" and "What"s happening come journalism"?
As a an extremely spiritual person myself, ns was entirely curious to accomplish the guy, and to hear story of what Les was prefer as a child -- and the reunion turned the end to be a warm surprise. The turned the end to it is in a an extremely accessible person and a genuine sports nut prefer both me and Les. Our apartment has views come the West and also so us all shared a beautiful sunset
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