Those aren’t simply the words come that famed Temptations song, they can additionally be used to Jennifer Hudson‘s father, due to the fact that he had actually over two dozen children.

Hudson spoke to the Guardian so late last month and revealed that she has a total of 26 siblings. It was something the singer learned throughout her teenage years as soon as she went in search of her father.

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Jennifer Hudson states she has over 2 dozen siblings. (Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Hudson, her sister Julia and late brother Jason were increased in a single-parent family by your late mother, Darnell Donerson.

Tragically, Donerson, Jason and Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew Julian King were killed by Julia’s estranged husband wilhelm Balfour in 2008, a crime because that which he’s now serving three life sentences.

As for her father, Hudson revealed some of the points she learned about him.

“He was a bus driver,” she said. “He drove Greyhound. He has a whole lot that kids, like, 27 … Eleven girls, 16 boys. I’m the youngest or at least in the last two or three.”

“And the was always my dream — since I love household — to have a giant table with all my siblings,” added the singer. “Just imagine the large table. So when I turn 15, we visited go look because that our dad, me and also my sister.”

Hudson likewise said she and also her sister obtained her mother’s blessing come look for your dad.

“Once we discovered him, he moved in v us and also never left united state until he died,” she explained. “His name was Sam. The was claimed to drive me come college, however he passed prior to he could. That was as soon as I was 16. I’m nearly 40 now.”

Elsewhere in the interview, The former “American Idol” contestant additionally said she’s met few of her siblings but not all of them.

Hudson is currently making the promotional rounds for she film “Cats,” which opens on Dec. 20.

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