CHICOPEE, Mass. ( – after ~ a light snow buildup overnight, many of the work it has been rain that has fallen indigenous the sky. Exactly how much snow would certainly we have received there is no the changeover to rain?

There is a simple conversion we deserve to use to transform rain amounts to snow. Typically, you main point the rainfall quantity by 10 to obtain the snowfall amount. One customs of rain, then, would be approximately equivalent come 10 inches of snow.

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However, for a wetter, stickier eye that falls when temperatures aren’t that could, you can get less snow because that the very same amount of rain. So one inch of rain may be more equivalent to 7 inches that sticky, wet snow.

If the snow is dry and also fluffy, you could get more snow. One customs of rain could equal 15” of eye or more. 2 inches of rain would mean around 30” the snow whereby it is an extremely dry, light, and also fluffy.

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