This write-up will present you instances of items that are about 4 feet tall.If you are estimating the height of other or compare the height of various items, it deserve to be challenging to number out precisely how tall 4 feet is.Learning about different items that are the same elevation can help you be much more accurate through your estimations.Here are 9 instances of things that room 4 feet tall.7-Year-old childCat treeDresserGarden fenceStorage box4 Rulers2 Mini fridgesHockey net6 Cinder blocks4 feet is equal to 48 inches or 1.22 meters.

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1. 7-year-old child

The average elevation of a 7-year-old son is about 4 feet. This is because that both girls and also boys as there is not lot difference between them in height at this age.Although no every child’s expansion rate is the same, the average elevation at the age of 7 will be in between 3.8 – 4.2 feet.The expansion rate that a child between the periods of 6 and 12, is approximately 2.5 inches every year.

2. Cat tree

Cat tree are likewise called cat condos or cat posts. Castle are provided by cats to play, scratch, and also sleep on. They also love come sit on peak of them and watch out the window. Cat trees deserve to be purchased at most pet stores and online. Some people prefer to develop them together a DIY job to placed their an individual touch ~ above it.Although this trees are easily accessible in plenty of different sizes, the 4 foot high cat tree is commonly used. Right here is an instance of one accessible on Amazon. 

3. Dresser

Dressers for your home are built in many different shapes and also sizes.A typical height for these dressers is 4 feet or 48” tall. Relying on the an are you have easily accessible and her decor, this is a comfortable height for many people and it will complement other furniture shapes and sizes in your home. 

4. Garden fence

A garden fence is a great way to division your garden space from other areas in the yard. Fences will offer you a great visual depiction of wherein the garden area starts and also stops.Garden fences are additionally helpful in maintaining animals and also unwanted critters out of her garden. Among the great features of an outdoor garden fence, is you can personalize the in any means you wish to suit your style.Several different materials are available to construct your fence with from wood to plastic, and also you can build it to any height you wish. You can additionally purchase pre-built fencing if girlfriend choose.Although a 2-foot tall garden fence is generally used, you have the alternative of a taller size around 4 feet high if you require the extra height. 

5. Warehouse box

Storage boxes or storage bins room a really convenient and easy means to store items safe and also secure. Specific storage boxes deserve to be used outside on the patio together a deck box. Many of these boxes are obtainable in a selection of sizes however one of the most common size is a 4 foot or 48-inch size. They have the right to be to buy or many civilization prefer to develop a DIY warehouse box.

6. 4 rulers

The usual ruler the is supplied in schools and construction is 12 inch or 1 foot long. If you can snapshot 4 rulers inserted on optimal of each other, they would measure 4 feet tall. The ruler is used for illustration straight lines or measuring the length or elevation of something. Rulers have the measure of centimeters ~ above the top and also inches ~ above the bottom.

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7. 2 mini-fridges

A mini fridge is a renowned option for spaces that space too tiny for a continuous sized refrigerator. They are an excellent for offices, hospitals, and dorms wherein there is a need to keep smaller sized sized food items and also drinks.  Normal size mini fridge is approximately 24 inches or 2 feet tall. If you ar 2 mini fridges on optimal of every other, they would certainly equal 4 feet tall. 

8. Hockey net

If you are a hockey fan and follow the national Hockey organization (NHL), friend will understand that a hockey net or goal net is used. A player scores a score by shooting a hockey puck right into the net. The elevation of a regulation size hockey network is 4 feet or 48 inches. It is likewise 6 feet or 72 customs wide.

9. 6 Cinder blocks

Cinder blocks room rectangle shaped blocks of concrete that are hollow in the middle. The dimensions of a cinder block is 8 x 8 x 16 inches. If you stack 6 of lock together, they would equal 48 inches or 4 feet tall.Cinder blocks are offered in smaller building projects or building walls roughly an area of her yard. Favor a pond or garden. Larger building jobs will usually use concrete blocks instead of cinder blocks. The difference between them is the cinder blocks room hollow where the concrete blocks space not. 

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