About this item300-inch Diagonal, 16:9 aspect Ratio. Watch Size: 261.2" W x 147.0" H. All at once Size: 264.6" W x 150.2" H.DynaWhite, 1.1 Gain. PVC vinyl material designed for outdoor usage, 160 level viewing angle, textured surface. Black masking borders enhance picture contrast and also absorb light overshoot. Mildew resistant, and also easy come clean with water.Evenly-spaced grommets stretch the material for a flat-tensioned projection surface.Conveniently installs come garage door frames, walls, trees, pole supports and also other applicable structures. Rigging cords included.2 Year Manufacturer"s Warranty›See an ext product details

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This DIY Indoor/Outdoor projection screen is made of ours theater-grade DynaWhite textured PVC material that avoids hot spotting if providing color neutrality and a wide viewing angle. Grommets surround the display screen for secure and easy fastening v rigging cords (included); this evenly spreads product tension for a flat projection surface anywhere a support structure is found. The DIY Pro series of projection screens are framed with a expert black masking border that improves photo contrast and also absorbs estimate light overshoot. The all at once effect is a clear and also sharp presentation without image fidelity loss. The versatility, longevity, lull of use and installation renders the DIY Pro display the perfect an option for your next social event.

BrandManufacturerModelProduct DimensionsItem model numberNumber of ItemsViewing AngleImage aspect RatioAspect RatioBatteries IncludedBatteries RequiredIncludes Rechargable BatteryManufacturerItem Weight
‎Elite Screens
‎Elite displays Inc.
‎101.6 x 30 x 8.99 cm; 15.69 Kilograms
‎160 Degrees
‎16:9, 4:3
‎Elite screens Inc.
‎15 kg 700 g

4.0 the end of 5 stars A slight advancement over a level white wall. Wrinkles stay approximately for a long time.

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Elite screens DIY pro Series, 145-inch 4:3, Do-It-Yourself at home & Outdoor estimate Screen, Model: DIY145V1I must start this review by saying that i did not purchase this product for outdoor use. Due to the fact that I am utilizing it at home (instead of the town hall on a ceiling white painted wall) several of my observations might not use to its to plan use. If the title argues that that is because that either indoors or out, the majority of other details on the product says it"s intended usage is outdoors.Having said that, One point that is far-reaching (and not totally clear in the sales material) is that this product walk have numerous grommets approximately the exterior. There space 17 grommets follow me each the the top and bottom and 11 grommets down each side (corner grommets were counted as being top top top and bottom). This way that there are plenty of support points because that ensuring the squareness that the display while hanging. The black "rope" provided is adequate to organize the screen. There were 4 black elastic (like bungee cord) ropes and 1 black poly rope. I don"t know the lengths as I left them go together (I won"t need them for my existing installation, but will store them in instance I decide to placed the display screen outside later). The warehouse bag is reasonable for its purpose. It"s a an excellent size and solid enough. The contained paperwork is usually useless, but it does include warranty information and also some an easy instructions. The helpful information have the right to be synthetic up together let the display hang at room temperature because that a pair of days to remove wrinkles and in the instance of stubborn wrinkles usage a punch dryer set to warm (not hot) to soften the earlier of the material and also let it hang (see note around this farther down). The screen came packaged with file inserted in between the folds. I assume this is to prevent the textured display screen from wearing down throughout shipping and also have saved the record for when I require to relocate and/or keep it in future.The screen arrives folded and so when an initial opened has actually a lot of wrinkles and also creases. Over there is also a really distinct smell of vinyl. This is no a boy issue. It would probably be well outdoors, yet if girlfriend don"t wait this out prior to hanging the indoors, the smell will certainly be inescapeable (although it does dissipate).Now, while over there are lots of grommets, they have actually been inserted manually. This method that over there is no a grommet every "x" inches and much more importantly every grommet is not necessarily the exact same distance from the edge of the product as the others. What this way is that you cannot quickly determine the location of support if you want to cave the display screen "perfectly" straight. You will have to anchor one edge grommet and also work your method across. If you"re to plan to use the ropes or use this as a "portable" screen, then this point is lot less far-ranging (and to it is in fair, that appears to it is in the intended function of this product).Now, of course, the display is large (for within a home or apartment). It basically covers the entire wall surface I usage it on. At "roughly" 10 feet through 7 feet you"ll need a fair sized location to cave it to eliminate the wrinkles (remember that is encourage to cave it at home to remove wrinkles). Ns hung it at home (for practically a month now) at room temperature. Over there are just as countless wrinles as the job I very first hung it. I have not do the efforts a blow dryer, however don"t count on the wrinkles merely "hanging" out. Friend will need to actively remove them, or big the screen (I am not extending the product at all, I"m merely hanging it). The is 4:3 not 16:9 like most contemporary video content but it permits me to watch both as my projector cannot fill the screen fully in the room I have it in (but can easily do so outdoors).Because the surface ar is so "bright", ambient light seems to to wash the picture out more easily than just the painted wall. If you deserve to use it in a darkened area you will certainly appreciate that more. I discover that simply transforming off the room lamp is generally enough for mine tastes. The photo quality isn"t a whole lot much better than the old blank wall but there is a proper noticeable development in contrast and white balance. The is a little far better for darker scenes than the wall, yet lighter scenes display every defect in the display (wrinkles). I haven"t owned a "better" display to to compare it to and also so am just saying it"s better than nothing in ~ all. Honestly, if i were only using it for bright projections, i would favor the perfect level of the wall.The overflow light created when projecting a 16:9 picture onto the screen with a 4:3 projector is noticeable and brighter than most people would probably like, therefore if you have actually a 16:9 projector, you will be much far better served by acquiring the suitable screen proportion to enhance your projector. An in similar way the black borders which would certainly normally structure the snapshot don"t in my installation. I can say that at the peak (where the border is the sheet of the picture) it provides a quite clean edge and also you don"t really see the bit"s of forecast which may land top top it uneven you"re actually in search of it.Like countless screens, I often tend to think that is a bit overpriced because that what that is. However being top top the lower end of the price scale, it gives what ns feel is a minor improvement over a painted white wall. As whole I"m pleased v the photo quality produced and also would recommend this display for it"s intended purpose (outdoor use) or if you occur to catch it on revenue (like i did) and also have a big enough wall to placed it on I"d say "go because that it". However, if you room at all able, think about ordering one the fits the size and also ratio the the projection you want to display on it. Girlfriend will enjoy it much more if her projected photo fits the display screen precisely. However, if you"re expecting a substantial improvement over a plain wall surface painted white, you"ll more than likely be disappointed.