During a concern & Answer session of the AOC champions Clinic, two high college coaches, Tod Mattox (The Bishop"s School) and Tina Kinkead (La Jolla nation Day), were asked the following:

What is the ideal number of players for a high institution roster?

Here are their answers:

Tina Kinkead: "12 is ideal for practice"

Your question about roster size is interesting since it mainly depends on the approach of your teams. I wish I could give friend the perfect number. Ns will shot to explain the method my routine looks at it.

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We execute not have cuts at tryouts. Our approach for our novice team is that everyone learns the game and also gets playing time in every match yet not necessarily equal play time. To win is not at the forefront because that our novice team; the is advance and learning the game. We can have as much as 16 girls. This is no ideal, but it functions for our philosophy.

Our JV team is typically 12-14 players. In ~ this level we still want everyone to play, however we do desire to put the most competitive team on the court and find roles for non-starters so they obtain playing time.

For Varsity, I have had anywhere from 10-14. In mine opinion, 14 is as well many. Twelve is right for practices and also scrimmages – also numbers – unless you have assistant coaches who can play. The viewpoint for ours Varsity is to placed the best 6-9 football player on the court to win, then give the various other players avenues to prove themselves when the time is right. Ns always shot to discover a role for every player on the roster.

The society of a team gets tested when there space extra players who carry out not have a function or feeling valued. If you store players ~ above the varsity, you desire to make sure there is a function for them, also if the is to go in and also serve.

Tod Mattox: "We have cleared up on 13-14 as our number"

I"ll give you my two cents ~ above the issue, due to the fact that it"s slightly different than Tina"s. Though i agree that having 10-12 would certainly be the most effective and efficient for acquiring your optimal players the most reps and for fielding the many competitive team, we have settled on 13-14 as our number.

Here room a pair of reasons, explanations and also tips:


We (try to) worth the team experience over the "winning" experience. That is, if 10 players gives us a 4-6% far better chance of winning, then we will profession that for giving 4 an ext players the opportunity to it is in in ours program. That course, over there is a line, and also it"s various for everyone. Four years ago, we preserved 16, and I most likely won"t perform that again. I choose the truth that I have the right to reward great kids who"ve done whatever we"ve asked them to do with a place on the Varsity. Let"s to speak I have 12 players who failure as follows: 6 starters + a libero, a front-row below for among my setters (in a 6-2 system), a DS because that my young OH and a offer specialist. That"s 10-12 players who have actually playing roles. At least one that the other two needs to be a MB, so regulating the 12 is pretty simple in this case.

Regarding non-playing roles of #"s 13-14, I"m brutally honest during the tryout phase. Let"s speak I have a junior and also a senior. I might cut both and also stay through 12 or store both and also have 14. The senior played JV together a junior and also did no start; the junior played a bit an ext on JV together a sophomore, yet she is a DS v at the very least three DS"s front of her. They recognize they are on the bubble, and they space doing everything feasible to make the team. My decided to lock is:

I have great news and also bad news. The great news is I have a spot on the team for you (big sigh of relief), yet the negative news is you can"t have actually it today. You have to go home and talk to your parents around it and also decide if this is what girlfriend want.

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Here"s exactly how it will most likely play out. In every competitive complement we have, friend will more than likely not acquire off the bench. There is a far-reaching gap in between you and our starters, and they will also be getting an ext reps than you; it will be close to impossible to close the gap. I want YOU on THE TEAM due to the fact that you are such a an excellent kid and also you embody the worths (effort, teamwork and also attitude) the we hold dear.

So, you have to decide if that"s the role you want. If not, that"s fine; you have the right to tell me tomorrow. If you decision to take it, this conversation is her warning. If you screen a bad attitude at any type of time during the season due to playing time, i will reduced you on the spot.

That decided has operated pretty well. In general, I"ve uncovered that players have the right to fill that role for one year and also do well. In the instance above, lock both might accept the function and be hopeful assets. However, I"d probably discourage that existing junior indigenous doing that again in her senior year, unless she was just a unique kid.

Finally, we make a large deal the end of sustaining roles. I"m always harping on any "starter" who might display a shaky attitude on exactly how selfish the is provided the "sub"s" mainly attitude. We always tell our subs the they have the toughest roles. It"s basic to be a starter; you have the right to make an error or two, and I always give lock leeway. But if a sub goes in and immediately shanks a ball, I could pull she immediately.