What is tank truck and tank trailer?

Fuel tank van trailers, separated into tank trucks and tank trailers, describe a trailer designed to bring liquid or gas ~ above the road. They have the right to transport the very same liquid and also fuel. Fuel tank trucks are greatly used for quick distances Transportation, and each time the liquid is reasonably small, the maximum is not more than 30,000 liters. Fuel tank trailers are largely used because that long-distance transportation. Generally, there will be an ext liquids loaded, generally between 30-60KL, the transport unit use gallons or liters to calculate.

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fuel tank trailer

How countless liters and gallons does a tank van hold?

The largest tank truck can attain 30,000 liters, 8×4, and around 7925 gallons, if the the smallest tank truck may only have actually a capacity of a couple of hundred gallons.

The tank truck regularly used for in-town transport might haul 30,000 liters fuel (about 7925 gallons diesel) or less.

How plenty of liters and also gallons does a tank trailer hold?

A fuel tanker have the right to hold 30,000-60,000 liters, 7925-15850 gallons.

The semi-trailer is the tank trailer configuration v maximum load capacity and also a maximum load capacity of 15,850 gallons (60,000 liters).

The largest oil tank trailer, usually scheduled for lengthy hauls, the transport materials long distances can hold 60,000 liters fuel (almost 15,850 gallons fuel).

Can tank trailer transport various liquids at the very same time?

Tank trailers have the right to be supplied to transport many different liquids at the exact same time, because regardless that the full capacity of the tank trailer, each tank trailer has compartments, and different compartments can be invited with various liquids, so regarding transport different types and materials at the same time. Because that liquids, it must be provided that this compartments often have various capacities, which saves costs and also improves efficiency.


Safety measures

Tank trailer deserve to be insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or unpressurized, have the right to transport one fluid at the same time, and also can also transport multiple liquids at the very same time (internal separation v the middle); due to the high center of gravity, and also the tank The liquid is always swaying during transportation, so the is less complicated to role over, and during transportation, static power will be generated, and static power may cause the to explode of the tanker, so for the safety and security of fuel tanker transportation, it is usually on the bottom of the vehicle connect an stole chain come transmit static electrical energy to the ground.


Generally speaking, if the is a lengthy distance, us will use a fuel tanker, if the is a short distance, we will usage a fuel tanker truck, they transport the exact same liquid, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, water, cooking oil, Petroleum, crude oil, lubricating oil, etc., as soon as transporting different species of liquids, the demands for tanker trailers and tanker trucks are different in terms of materials and also other configurations.


In terms of material classification, Tank truck and tank trailer materials include aluminum alloy, carbon steel, and also stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most generally used material. The is usually used to carry liquid building material such together diesel, gasoline, kerosene, heavy oil, coal tar, and non-petroleum products such together alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, and also ether. The transportation of aluminum alloy tank trailer and aluminum alloy tank truck is the exact same as carbon steel, and it can also be used to move some other materials, such together water, edible oil, palm oil, stainless steel tank truck and stainless stole tank trailer, which can normally be used for food Oil, water, palm oil, cooking oil and other liquids that deserve to be used for food.

From other means to classify, tank truck trailer can be divided into fuel tank trailer through dispenser, insulation tank trailer, heating insulation tank trailer, chamical tank trailer, A-double tank trailer, spray truck, 6×4 tank truck, 8×4 tank truck, 4×2 tank truck, bitumen tanker.


Many human being consider weight as a very important factor when buying a tank truck trailer, because aluminum alloy is the lightest, and also its transferring capacity is comparable to that of carbon steel tank truck trailers, especially in some countries with restricted weight. To improve transportation efficiency, countless people choose aluminum alloy tank van trailers. The 2nd choice because that many people is stainless steel tank van trailers. This is due to the fact that stainless steel is relatively lighter than carbon steel.



Fuel tanks space round, oval, and square.

Oil and gas restore system

The tank truck has an oil and gas restore system. The main role of the tank van is to realize finish closed gas recovery throughout the loading and unloading process of the tank truck and also limit the emissions of oil and also gas into the atmosphere. Once the tanker van is being unloaded, the oil and also gas native Li Mina in the gas station deserve to be returned to the tanker with the gas return line, and then the oil and gas can be brought earlier to the tanker for processing through the tanker. The function of oil and gas recovery.

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Breathing valve

The purpose of the breathing valve is to prevent oil leakage. Once the breath valve is tilted to 70o, the sealing ball inside the breath valve will form an effective seal.