Looking to construct a fence for your property and need some quick measurements? want to keep your dog from getting out? This post covers the various common sizes and shapes the yards to display you just how countless feet of fence you’ll need for 5 acre lots.

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How numerous Feet of Fence for 5 Acres?

For a 5 acre many of any type of shape, girlfriend will need a total length that 1866.8 feet the fence. If you have actually a perfect square-shaped garden then every side will certainly be 1866.8 / 4 = 466.7 feet. Few yards are perfectly square though.

How much Does It price To Fence 5 Acres?

According to HomeAdvisor.com, the average price to install a timber fence is $17 – $45 per linear foot. They pull this data from your database of perfect projects and also homeowner expense surveys. Chain connect fence prices on typical $15 – $30 come install.

Wire fences space cheapest at $1 – $5 to install.

As a building owner over there a ton the different alternatives on fencing material. For straightforward reference, fine summarize castle in this chart. Again, we’ll usage 5 acres as the building size with a total need of 1867 straight feet of set up fence.

Keep in mental these prices include surroundings fees. A DIY fence would conserve $5 come $30 per direct foot depending upon the intricacy of the fence and materials.

Fence MaterialMaterial price RangeLabor price Average (per foot)Lot size (Total Feet of Perimeter)Total Cost
Wooden Fence$7-$15$155 acres (1867 feet)$41,074 – $56,010
Chain link Fence$5-$15$105 acre (1867 feet)$28,005 – $46,675
Chicken cable Fence$1-$2$25 acres (1867 feet)$5,601 – $7,468
Barbed wire Fence$1-$2.50$25 acre (1867 feet)$5,601 – $8,402
Electric cable Fence$1-$3$25 acre (1867 feet)$5,601 – $9,335

What space The size Of A 5 Acre Lot?

Five acre too many cover 217,800 square feet (43,560 square feet per acre * 5 acres). Assuming your lot is perfectly square climate each edge would be the square source of 217,800 or around 467 feet long. That renders a total of 1,867 feet the length roughly the entire property.

Lots are hardly ever perfectly square. Assuming your lot is rectangle-shaped you can obtain the in its entirety dimensions by measuring one of the lengths either in the ar or on your computer. Google planet makes this task a cinch.


Just download google earth, navigate to your lot and also use the measuring tool to measure your property’s boundaries.

Do I require A allow To construct A Fence?

This depends on wherein you live. Populated cities generally require permits to construct fences. In Denver, where I live, you require a allow for any fence end 4 feet high. The easiest method to discover out for your city is to simply google “ fence permit”. If that turns up nothing you’ll want to examine your city’s zoning regulations.

For rural areas, we recommend you double-check with your county’s zoning regulations. In general, you’re much less likely to require a permit for rural areas.

How Tall can Your Privacy Fence Be?

Fence elevation depends on her land’s zoning regulations. In general, in cities or occupied areas, you’ll need a permit to construct a fence taller 보다 4 feet. Zoning regulations rarely allow you to have actually a privacy fence greater than 8 feet. Typical heights that privacy fences range from 6 to 8 feet high.


What Is The Cheapest Fence To construct for Pets?

The cheapest fence to construct is a wireless fence. They don’t require any kind of structure at all. Instead, the downside there is the you’ll must train her pet to know them.

An also cheaper option is to have actually no fence and also simply train your pet to remain in her yard, even with a wireless fence.

If girlfriend opt to develop a true fence they walk up in price in this stimulate – cable fences room cheapest adhered to by chain-link fences adhered to by wood fences. Wire fences frequently go for $1-$5 per direct foot installed. Chain connect fences can be set up for around $15 – $30 per direct foot. Finally, wood fences cost about $20 – $30+ because that others to install (including materials).

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Is A 4 Foot Fence tall Enough?

Most 40 lb and larger dog can number out just how to jump a 4-foot high fence. Four feet is enough for toy breeds and smaller dogs.