A ton (t) is a unit of fixed (i.e. Weight) identical to 2000 pounds, or 910kg. It differs from the 'tonne', i beg your pardon weighs 1000kg. Both the short ton and also long ton are tantamount to 20 hundredweight, but with the hundredweight characterized differently under every system. 'Ton' can also refer to money, denoting £100 in british slang.

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What's the difference between ton and tonne?

'Ton' as a unit of massive was first recorded in the late 14th century. The word originates from the Old English native 'tunne', the surname for a big wine barrel, as a ton to be the weight of wine - 2000lbs or 910kg - compelled to to fill the container.

In british culture, that's just around enough booze to acquire you ready for a Friday night top top the town.

When the metric device came into play, the weight of a ton - periodically now dubbed a short ton - wasn't an extremely tidy, at 910kg. For this reason came around the 'tonne', get loan a French spelling come distinguish in between the old quick ton (still the dominant unit in the US) but rounded as much as a neat, conveniently divisible 1000kg (2204.62lbs), additionally known together the lengthy ton.

This more heavier tonne is now much more commonly offered in Europe and also the UK, i m sorry is handy, due to the fact that it's Friday night, Tania's just arrived (AND she's just been dumped by Reece) and we every know how much she likes a drink. I'm no saying she has actually a problem, but...

What's every this about hundredweight?

Oh yeah. Our first meaning explained that both the old / American ton (the brief ton) is 20 hundredweight, and also the newer / brothers tonne (the lengthy ton) is likewise 20 hundredweight. It's simply that the two systems specify a hundredweight differently.

Simply put, there room 100 pounds to a hundredweight in the American system, if in the brother system, there are 112 pounds come a hundredweight.

That way that the short ton is 2000lbs while the lengthy ton is 2240lbs.

Use our handy weight conversion tool to easily and accurately convert between tons and also other systems of mass.

Convert lots to pounds and also other units

Convert in between tons or tonnes and also pounds, ounces, grams and also kilograms using the calculator below.

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So over there you have it. A ton of yellow is worth most, adhered to by iPhones, and then saffron.

How much is a ton in money?

Well, it relies if you're asking exactly how much is a ton of money, or a ton in money.

A ton of money - whereby the money weighs a ton - might have hundreds of different feasible values, depending on the currency. A ton of American one-dollar bills, through each invoice weighing 1g, would certainly be worth $908,000, whilst a ton the nickels (weighing 5g each) functions out together $9,071.80.

A British pound coin weighs 8.75g, therefore a ton that those (910kg) would be 104,000 coins, worth £104,000.

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However, if you're asking just how much is a ton in money, the price is £100, since 'ton' is a slang ax in Cockney rhyming slang (a popular dialect originating in London).

So remember: in the very likely scenario in i beg your pardon someone allows you choose between a ton that money and a ton in money, constantly go because that the very first option!


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