How numerous pizzas must you order? If you room throwing a pizza party, the most stubborn question will be how plenty of pies you’ll need. Girlfriend don’t desire to order too tiny lest her guests obtain bored, and; friend don’t want too much that can go come waste. Understanding the best number of pizzas come order for your party is, therefore, a height priority!


So, how plenty of pizzas perform I need? order a pizza size that can fulfill all her guests. Kids listed below the period of five can take one slice each, if those the 7-11 years take two slices. The adult eat about two or 3 slices each.

Among the staple snacks in the us is Pizza. Pizza is so famous in the western human being that the average American takes over 27 pounds that pizza every year. But, as soon as you setup for a pizza party, our pizza calculator will gain you specific figures.

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Why select the appropriate Pizza Size?

Limited pizza sizes lug awkward situations that you should avoid.

You don’t desire to see number of hands do the efforts to choose the critical slice.The confront of unhappy kids is no the funniest scene. You want your guests to gain the taste and also healthy ingredient of her snack.And, still, you don’t want to have to address the leftovers.

Indeed, you need to kick pizza guesswork the end of her decision-making!

How to know the number of Pizzas you Need

Before friend order your pizza, pay fist to the number of your guests, their appetite, and the pizza size. Also, Also, keep in mind the ingredients in her pizza, and also check whether her guests space okay through them.

Pizza Sizes: How large is the pizza?

The dimension of a pizza varies relying on the provider. Check the variety of slices or inch size of her snack.

Pizza dimension in Inches

Pizza PricePizza SlicesPizza Servings








Weight that a pizza

The conventional pizza weighs in between four and 28.2 ounces (100 to 800 grams).

Pizza sizes in slicesThe little pizza has around six slices and would serve 2 or 3 people.The medium-sized pizza yields around ten slices that would be an excellent for 4 or five.Then, extra-large pizzas would give you around 14 slices the would perform well for 7 or eight people.Pizza dimension in inches

Food joints offer pizza in various sizes. Pick a dimension that works well with the variety of servings you need in your party.

Small-sized pizzas are roughly eight inches and also serve around two or three people.The medium-sized pizza measures roughly 14 inches and also serves around five people.Then, the huge pizzas periodically go end 18 inches and also would fix the desire for 6 or eight pizza fans.

How plenty of guests perform you have?

The very first rule of planning because that a feast is to estimate the number of guests. Knowing how many world you suppose to sit roughly your table help you know just how much to serve. But, kids and also adults will certainly not eat the very same amount that pizza.

How much pizza can youngsters eat?

American adults aren’t the just ones with wonderful appetite because that pizza- their kids are, too! kids can eat as much pizza together they see.

Kids may want to eat too numerous slices, but you’ll need to regulate that. The great thing is that the number of slices is much more important to a kid than that is size. So, insist that the tool pizza be sliced ten times. The slices will be a small smaller, and they will cover much more kids.

If she paying fist to your kid’s weight as well, you might want come stick to two or under slices per sitting. Nutritionists recommend that you pair the pizza through salads and veggies because that the meal.

However, your kid won’t suffer any kind of nutritional issues by eat the sometimes pizza.

How many pizza slices will certainly adults eat?

An adult will not have a problem eating a couple of more slices that pizza 보다 a kid. The typical adult have the right to take 2-3 slices depending upon his or her appetite.

How hungry space the guests?

Never underestimate the appetite the the civilization you’ve invited. If your Auntie Jemimah would eat fifty percent a pizza and still yawn v hunger, you have to setup enough for her.

Of course, determining her guests’ appetite can be a rocky path. But, girlfriend can inspect whether lock have eaten anything beforehand.

If you’re offer pizza come a hungry table that guests, you can order 3 slices because that each adult and also two for kids. If you currently know the your visitors have actually a recognized appetite because that pizza, add one or 2 slices because that every person, just to it is in on the safe side.

In short, main point the variety of adult travellers by three and kids by two. Then, to buy the pizza that achieves the amount of the two results. Now, division the number you obtain by the variety of slices in each pizza you order. This formula should help you get the ideal pizza size or the number of pizzas come order for your event.

However, as soon as you’re estimating the appetite of her guests, you will need to be prepared to keep up through the leftovers. Resolve this through encouraging lock to bring a couple of home.

What are the nutritional materials of your pizza?

According come the US. Department of agriculture (USDA), one slice of regular cheese pizza native the mean fast-food restaurant would contain the adhering to ingredients:

Sodium 640mgCalories: 285gFat: 10.4gStarch: 35.7gProtein: 12.2gSugar: 3.8gFiber: 2.5g

The nutritional contents of a pizza differ from a seller to another. Every recipe will produce a pizza through a different nutrition value from the rest.

But, it’s the toppings, crust, and size that will affect the ingredient of a pizza the most. A small ⅛ part of a pizza might weigh 80 grams and also could have up come 200 calories.

This chart shows the nutritional composition of different varieties of pizza


Is pizza the only thing on her plate?

When ordering your pizza, think about the nature of your event. Some events may call for you come order more pies. For instance, you can go because that a pizza-only party or include much more snacks on the menu.

If you’re having actually a pizza-only luncheon, you will do it need more than several pies to fulfill everyone. Such a party would rotate pizza into much more than just a snack- that the main meal! So, you’ll need to order an ext than once you’re ordering come quench a craving.

If she planning for a feast with several dips, wings, snacks, and chips, the pizza will simply be a snack and also not the main meal. So, you will do it order less.

Also, children’s parties would certainly be various from household gatherings—order at least two slices because that every kid.

How plenty of servings?

How long is your party going to last? If you’re walking to invest a whole week in ~ a campsite, climate you need much more pizza than once you’re gathering roughly the table because that Thanksgiving.

To understand how plenty of pizzas to order, multiply the number of times you’ll serve by the cumulative variety of pizza you’d feed everyone at one sitting.

If you’re walk to take a entirety week outdoors, let the deliveries it is in made day-to-day to ensure she eating fresh pizza.

Who’s your pizza provider?

The pizza chain that delivers to you has actually a straight influence top top the size of your snack. Various chains have various recipes, toppings, and also sizes. As soon as calculating the number of snacks come order, take into consideration the food chain as well.

Here’s a chart reflecting the most well-known pizza sellers in the US


Source: Statista

If you desire customized recipes and also toppings, try out the regional pizzeria. The local outlets have actually unique additions to your snack, including asparagus, corn, lemon chicken, and also shrimp.

Which Pizza Toppings?

According to YouGov, many Americans pick pineapple, sausage, mushroom and pepperoni as their favourite toppings. But, even though a whopping 12 percent of pizza aficionados cast their votes for pineapple toppings. The report, however, showed that Americans are sharply divided on pineapple, and also it’s, therefore, a controversial topping.

And, due to the fact that you don’t want debates about the finest pizza toppings to destroy your party, just get a neutral variety. Bacon and also cheese rank among the peak three most renowned topping ~ above the list. You, however, don’t desire to lock the end friends that yours who don’t execute pork.

Get topping the your guest like, and are agree to everyone. Nearly everyone loves cheese pizza. Even if cheese is no their favourite topping, they will still reap the slices.

Ordering Pizza for a Party


When you have actually a family members gathering or friends’ meetup, order enough pizza because that everyone. Yet don’t loss into the pit of having too countless leftovers as soon as the party is gone.

Ordering the largest pizza feasible will not only be a picturesque endure but additionally cheaper. Return the all at once price of the pizza will be high, the cost per part of the pizza is sliced!

Also, check how numerous of your guests may want come take some pizza home. At least you want to do everyone happy and also have a arrangement for the leftovers.

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A an overview on the pizza size to order

Estimating how numerous pizzas you must order for your party or occasion requires time. Take it into consideration the pizza sizes, number of slices, guests, and their appetite. Ask yourself the complying with questions:

What’s the dimension of the pizza ns ordering?How many human being will eat the pizza?How plenty of kids and also adults will I be serving?Is pizza the just item top top the offer menu?How countless slices will each human take?Do I have a setup for handling the leftovers?

Also, take into consideration ordering in breakthrough for smooth delivery and also convenient planning.

If you have actually the time and zeal, simply ask each of the guests exactly how much pizza they will do want!