The comedian and also wife Audrey invited twin sons Jack Steven and James Jeffrey on Sunday, his rep confirms to exclusively

The comedian is a dad again after ~ welcoming pair sons v his wife, Audrey, on Sunday, Oct. 11, his rep confirms to exclusively.

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Born in Los Angeles, Jack Steven and James Jeffrey Dunham‘s arrival couldn’t have been much more perfect: The baby boys come the day before the couple’s third anniversary.

“Mama Audrey and also both boys room happy and also healthy and also doing well,” the ventriloquist, 53, speak “Born two hrs apart and no C-section needed. I was literally ideal there, and after the heads to be clear, the physician let me pull the tiny guys the end the rest of the way.”



The Jeff Dunham: Unhinged in Hollywood star and also Audrey, a certified nutrition specialist and fitness trainer, very first announced they were expanding their family members — time two! — in May.

“Hey everyone! Jeff and I have actually some amazing news come share!! This fall, we will certainly be welcoming no one, however TWO brand-new members to the Dunham family!” the mom-to-be composed on Instagram.

The pair celebrated the brand-new additions with family and also friends during a teddy-bear themed baby shower in September. Back the two-tiered cake showcased two bears holding hearts decorated v the letter “J,” the Dunhams ultimately made decision to store the name under wraps until the birth.

“We made decision names that we assumed were traditional, solid and solid. We picked Jack because Audrey has always liked the name for a boy. Also, a girlfriend of mine — an additional ventriloquist — calls me ‘Jack Durham’ together a joke. Then Kiefer Sutherland play Jack Bauer top top 24, and also claimed I looked prefer him, therefore that came to be my surname on the road. ‘Jack’ just came to be ingrained in us,” Jeff tells

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He continues, “James Jeffrey is an additional one Audrey loved, and also I assumed it went well v Jack Steven. And it’s ​James​ — no Jimmy, not Jim!”

While the twins are the an initial children together for the couple, the comedian — who simply wrapped his ras Vegas residency — is already dad to 3 daughters from his vault marriage. He’ll go back to the roadway for his new tour, Perfectly Unbalanced, in December.

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