Rogers married his 2nd wife elegant Arline Wilkins in 1936 after conference in Roswell, New Mexico. The pair adopted daughter Cheryl in 1941 from expect Cottage in Texas. Cheryl, in addition to her siblings, prospered up enjoy it time v their father"s beloved horse Trigger. She also made appearances in several of her father"s films as a young child, including satisfy Roy Rogers and Trail of Robin Hood. Now married to she husband Larry, Cheryl Rogers-Barnett is ~ above the Advisory plank of the western Music Association and also is an energetic participant in the child abuse charity Child aid USA (of i m sorry she was a charter member). She"s even a released author. She created "Cowboy Princess" and co-wrote the cookbook "The All-American Cowboy Grill." Cheryl and Larry right now live in Utah. They have seven grown children, 18 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren.

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2. Linda Lou Rogers

Two year after Rogers and also Grace invited Cheryl into their lives, Grace gave birth to infant Linda Lou. Linda flourished up to end up being the mam of a minister, she husband of over 40 years, Gary Johnson. Sadly Gary passed far in 2008. He"s made it through by their numerous children and grandchildren. Linda proceeds to live in her home state the California.

Roy Jr or "Dusty" as he"s much more commonly known, is the only biological son the Roy Rogers. His mom Grace pass away due to complications indigenous childbirth quickly after he was born. Dusty appeared on his parents" NBC showThe Roy Rogers Showas a child and even prospered up to end up being his father"s manager and trustee the the Roy and Dale Evans Rogers Children"s Trust. Dusty likewise performed lead vocals because that the sons of the Pioneers and also his own an individual band he started in the early on "80s -- Roy Rogers Jr and also the High Riders. Because that a while, he operated The Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum and also Happy Trails Theatre in Branson, Missouri, however it has due to the fact that closed down. Keep in mind the surname of the theatre remained in honor the Dale and also Roy"s beloved theme song, "Happy Trails to You."

4. Robin Elizabeth Rogers

Though Roy and also Dale had met top top a movie set, they didn"t autumn in love until after his wife Grace happen away. The just child Dale provided birth to during her marital relationship to Roy was baby Robin. She was born with down syndrome and passed far from complications with the mumps prior to her second birthday. Dale wrote the publication Angel Unaware in she honor.

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5. Dodie Rogers

Dodie was the youngest of every one of Roy and Dale"s children. Dodie is of indigenous American descent and was embraced when she was just 7 months old. She flourished up come marry a NASA employee, Jon Patterson, and also they had actually a daughter named Kristin who now has youngsters of she own.

6. Mimi Rogers

Marion Fleming to be born in Edinburgh, Scotland where she was found by Roy and Dale in a children"s home. She stepped front to song a song for the pair and they to be so impression they wanted to bring her home with them. She was invited back to their residence in California for the holidays and didn"t go back to Scotland until she had actually her own children. Mimi married she husband Dan as soon as she was just 17 year old. He gotten in the maritime Corps and also they welcomed three children together prior to he happen away when they to be still young. Now, Mimi is a grandmother.

7. Debbie Rogers

Deborah Lee Rogers was adopted by Roy and also Dale after coming to be an orphan throughout the oriental War. Sadly, she passed away once she was simply 12 years old in a bus accident in Los Angeles through other youngsters from her church.

8. Sandy Rogers

John David "Sandy" Rogers was adopted shortly after the lose of Robin once Roy and Dale were visiting an orphanage. He entered into the U.S. Military but sadly choked to death in a armed forces hospital where he to be serving in Germany when he was simply 18 year old.

9. Tom Fox

Tom Fox was thebiological kid of Dale and also her first husband. The was increased by Roy and also Dale. Tom, who passed away in 2012, to be a school teacher and music minister.

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Editor"s keep in mind this article was originally published on jan 8, 2021: A previous variation of this article incorrectly proclaimed that Roy Rogers had 8 kids instead the 9. Us regret the error. That has due to the fact that been updated.