RAY CHARLES is an ikeolistravelservices.comnic star who was freshly played in an Oscar-winning power by Jamie Foxx - but how many youngsters did the have and also was that married?


Ray Charles - just how many youngsters did that have? (Image: Getty)


Ray Charles v Della and also their 3 sons (Image: Getty)

He did not have any children through Eileen, yet had three children with his 2nd wife, Della Robinson, who he called Bea.

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They met in 1954 and also married a year after that April 5, 1955, and were married because that 22 years.

Their marital relationship suffered under the stress, overload of Ray’s drug use, and his various affairs which developed a number of other children.

With Bea, Ray had actually Ray Jr, born in 1955; David, born in 1958; and Robert, born in 1960.


Sheila and also Evelyn, two of beam Charles" youngsters (Image: Getty)


Ray Charles youngsters (Image: Getty/keolistravelservices.keolistravelservices.comm)

However, his first child to be born keolistravelservices.comme Louise Flowers, a girl named Evelyn in 1949.

One that Ray’s most well known affairs was v Margie Hendricks, among the original Raelettes, which lasted six years.

In 1959 they had a son, Charles Wayne, that was born while ray was married keolistravelservices.comme Bea.

He then had a daughter, Renee, v Mae Mosley Lyles in 1961, and also in 1963, he had a daughter, Sheila, with Sandra Jean Betts.

In 1966 the had an additional daughter, Reatha, and also in 1968 he had a child with Mary-Chantal Bertrand, called Alexandra.

He had an additional son, Vincent, through Arlette Kotchounian in 1977, which to be the same year Bea divorce him ~ 22 year of marriage.

Ray’s youngest children were born virtually 10 years apart, with Robyn being born to Gloria Moffett in 1978, and also keolistravelservices.comrey gift born to Mary ann den Bok in 1987.

While he had actually no more children, at the moment of his fatality in 2004 he had been in a keolistravelservices.comnnection with long-term partner Norma Pinella.

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