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Harper Lee, the author of To kill a Mockingbird, didn"t develop chapter titles; she simply used numbers to order she work. Her thinking for this is unclear, but after reading the novel, we can create our own titles based on the necessary events in every chapter.

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Harper Lee, the writer of To kill a Mockingbird, didn"t produce chapter titles; she merely used numbers to order her work. Her thinking for this is unclear, however after reading the novel, us can create our own titles based upon the vital events in every chapter.

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There could be plenty of interpretations relying on what friend personally deem important. Lee packs numerous main concepts into every of she chapters, which means each chapter have the right to have overlapping narratives and multiple conflicts. For example, chapter 8 has the first snow, the snowman, and the fire at miss Maudie"s. The chapter also contains an encounter with Boo Radley. It"s approximately you to decide what to focus on. Right here is one perform of feasible options for chapter titles.

Welcome come MaycombFirst job of SchoolWalking in an additional Person"s ShoesThe Tree, the Radley Lot, and also the GameMiss Maudie"s TakeClose CallTruth HurtsThe first SnowThe CaseOne-Shot FinchCourage comes in plenty of FormsCal"s ChurchAunt Alexandra involves "Help"Monster Under the BedThe angry MobAnd So the Begins: The TrialTestimony: Sherrif heck Tate and also Bob EwellTestimony: Mayella EwellTestimony: Tom RobinsonDolphus Raymond and the an enig Coca-ColaThe VerdictThe Aftermath: Tears, Treats, and also Tauntinglntegrity and RacismTea v the Missionary CircleA trip to the Robinson HomeHypocrisy in MaycombOdd HappeningsThe Halloween Pageant and also the AttackThe actual Boo RadleyWho killed Bob Ewell?The Gray Ghost and Other Legends