Of course we deserve to smell what The rock is cooking. Everyone have the right to smell it. He’s cooking 24/7 to carry out the quantity of calories essential to keep that houseboat physique.

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Case in point: The Rock’s cheat day, or because that mere mortals, a cheat week. Top top his day off the big-screen legend likes come tuck into meals for this reason large, so end the top, therefore gluttonous the they’d do a roman inn emperor lean back, cancel his belt and say “Claudius est plenus.”

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And, cruising follow me as that does in ~ a cool 5,000 calorie a day, comprised in big part through cod, who can blame him for consistently going in hard on the junk food?

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In the previous he’s shared details that pizzas, burgers and family-sized tubs of ice cream. Recently though, he’s end up being fond that sushi and cookies. Below, we execute the math(s) on what The rock is cooking.

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A quick disclaimer prior to we start: clearly, we didn’t sit down and also eat dinner with The Rock and also input his food into MyFitnessPal. So, obviously, this numbers room in no way exact — however a ‘careful analysis’ of his Instagram write-up firstly argues he’s tucking into upwards of 54 pieces of sushi in one sitting.

Roughly, a single piece that salmon nigri clocks in at 61 calories and also using that as an median for every 54 pieces, you’re feather at roughly 3294 calories.

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Light work, you might say, for the Scorpion King. This is a cheat day and those space rookie numbers.

That is till you aspect in dessert: The Cookie Train. Getting here into Snacktown station at 1.30am, The Rock, the pure mad head, devours 10 “double milk chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies through creamy peanut butter smothered between the two.”

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Let’s to speak those cookie come in in ~ a conservative 400 calories every (using Ben"s Cookies" double chocolate example as a benchmark) and also that a tablespoon that smooth peanut butter between them is 94 calories, that’s a total of 4470 calories throughout 5 cookie sandwiches.

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Add the to dinner and also you have actually a grand full of 7,764 calorie in one sitting. That’s practically the recommended everyday calorie input of three fully grown men. What on planet must The Rock’s desires be like?

Fancy trying come burn all the off? Sure, no problem. Simply do burpees solidly for 14 hours. Sounds awful? How about running 3 marathons instead? assumed not.

Unless you"re a 6ft4in former bodybuilder turned greatest star in Hollywood, there’s no cheating your way out of the meal.

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