Calculate her roof’s size and estimate how plenty of bundles of shingles, roll of felt, and also squares the roofing product you require for a brand-new roof. Add the price every square for materials to gain an estimated material cost.

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0/12 (flat) 1/12 2/12 3/12 4/12 5/12 6/12 7/12 8/12 9/12 10/12 11/12 12/12 13/12 14/12 15/12 16/12 17/12 18/12 19/12 20/12 21/12 22/12 23/12 24/12 find roof pitch
*The average cost of materials for a typical 3-tab shingle is around $100 every square, including shingles, felt paper, and also nails.
If you’re instead of a roof, the first consideration requirements to be the roof’s dimension so you deserve to accurately estimate task materials.

In the U.S., roofs are measured in square footage, and roofing building contractors typically quote projects based upon the dimension of the roof in squares. Consequently, gathering the size of the roof in squares and also square clip is the very first step.


To calculate a roof’s dimensions, you must measure the roof as if it to be flat, climate account for roof pitch, calculation square footage, and finally recognize how countless squares of product are required for the roof.

The calculator above can handle all of this, simply go into the length, width, and pitch, and it will identify the size of the roof in squares.

Start by measure the roof’s length and also width in feet together you’re stand on the ground. Remember the the length and width need to be discovered for the roof, no the house, for this reason take into account that the roof overhangs the building.

Then recognize the area of the roof together if it were flat. Multiply the size by the width in feet to gain the area measurement.

Finding the complete Roof Area

Once the area that the roof’s footprint is known, the in its entirety roof area deserve to be uncovered by audit for the roof’s pitch. The key of the roof is the rise over a 12-inch run. Use our roof pitch calculator to discover the pitch of your roof.

Next, main point the footprint that the roof by the multiplier below for your roof key to discover the overall roof area.For example, a 4/12 key roof that is 100 square feet:

100 × 1.054 = 105.4ft2

Roof key Area Multipliers
multipliers for common roof pitches that have the right to be offered to find the full area the a roof. pitch Multiplier
0/12 1
1/12 1.003
2/12 1.014
3/12 1.031
4/12 1.054
5/12 1.083
6/12 1.118
7/12 1.158
8/12 1.202
9/12 1.25
10/12 1.302
11/12 1.357
12/12 1.414
13/12 1.474
14/12 1.537
15/12 1.601
16/12 1.667
17/12 1.734
18/12 1.803
19/12 1.873
20/12 1.944
21/12 2.016
22/12 2.088
23/12 2.162
24/12 2.236
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Finding the size of the Roof in Squares

Roofing home builders estimate projects and materials through the square, so that is an essential to uncover this measure to calculation the quantity of material needed accurately. A square simply refers come a 10′ x 10′ square of roofing. This is simply 100 square feet the roof.

To uncover the squares, division the as whole roof area by 100 and then ring up. Because that instance, if the roof is 1550 square feet, then it is 16 squares.

How to calculation Roofing Materials

Although roofing tasks are estimated and sold by the square, roofing product is frequently not marketed in 1 square increments.


How countless Bundles that Shingles will You Need

The typical bundle the shingles consist of 33.3 ft2, for this reason three bundles of shingles are essential per square. Asphalt shingles range in price from about $25 per bundle because that a conventional 3-tab layout to about $50-$75 or more for an upgraded architectural style.

Since transportation is a major cost factor, expect prices to vary by location. A usual bundle of shingles weighs around 75 pounds, while some premium products can weigh over 100 pounds per bundle, so think about delivery of materials.

How plenty of Rolls the Felt will You Need

Roofing feeling is marketed by the roll. The mean roll that 15-pound roofing feeling covers around 400 ft2, or 4 squares, if the median roll that 30-pound roofing feeling covers around 200 ft2, or 2 squares.

Rolls that felt space 36″ vast x 144′ lengthy for 15# and also 72′ lengthy for 30#. Take into consideration other underlayment options as needed, such as rubber or tar products.

How countless Nails will You Need

Nails will also be compelled for any type of roofing project. The average 3-tab shingle needs 4 nails per shingle. High wind areas and other varieties of shingles may need more. 320 nails will certainly be necessary to download a square of conventional 3-tab shingles, assuming four nails per shingle and 80 shingles per square.

Other Materials

Keep in mind that a drip-edge will certainly be necessary to defend the roof’s edge indigenous rot, vents, and also other products such together flashing or caulk. Also, take into consideration that the fascia boards might need to it is in replaced depending on their condition.

Drip-edge and also fascia plank are sold by the direct foot, discover the perimeter of your roof in feet to uncover the length of drip-edge and fascia board needed.

In enhancement to correctly estimating materials, the is important to make sure you order extra material when ordering. Account for about 5-10% overage on your job to make sure you have sufficient material if measurements are a small off or product is wasted or damaged. This is more an important for materials that space special-order or have actually long lead times.

We recommend getting cost-free roofing estimates to recognize material and also labor costs and identify various other project complexities the could affect the cost.

Other Considerations

There are some other components to consider when installing a brand-new roof. Learn around the expenses of installation a brand-new roof. Plenty of localities require permits and also inspections because that roofing projects; inspect with your neighborhood inspections office and consult local structure codes for more information top top the requirements.

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Also, consider that removing old materials may it is in a great idea and will require getting rid of of a large amount that waste. Arrangement ahead because that this by bespeak a dumpster because that the project.