The people of wait conditioners has a language all its own. BTUs and also amps room two terms you must be familiar with, whether you"re a first-time the person who lives or space replacing an existing unit. Developments in an innovation and energy effectiveness have increased the BTU capacity and the amp configuration on air air conditioning today contrasted to what was readily available 10 or more years ago.

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Air conditioners room rated by their capacity to create cooling top top a BTU per hour basis (BTUh). The is essential to choose the appropriate BTUh for the dimension room you will be cooling. Choose too many, and you will be wasting energy and also paying more than you require for electrical power to run your wait conditioner. If you pick too few, the unit will certainly not perform and required for cooling. Too few BTUs could also push her air conditioner beyond its regular capacity, i m sorry could reason costly repair or even shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner.


The plug because that room air air conditioning is based on voltage and also amperage (AMP). Electrical outlets in most residences have circuits rated because that 15 complete amps of electricity. As a result, most home window air conditioners are manufactured for 15 amps and 125 volts. Friend will frequently see this listed as 125/15A top top the wait conditioner itself and also in the owner"s manual. If you select a design that requires much more amps, such together a 30-amp model, friend should obtain a license is granted electrician to adapt your circuitry come accommodate the waiting conditioner. Making any type of adjustments to electrical work is not recommended together a do-it-yourself project.

BTU Considerations

In enhancement to the size of the room because that the window air conditioner, there are added factors you must consider. This includes the quantity of sunlight the room receives, various other appliances that use electricity, the average variety of people that occupy the room, and also whether the unit is ~ above a second-story or attic space. Add 10 percent to your base BTU calculation for each circumstances that applies, such as whether the room is sunny, various other appliances and if the room is top top an top floor. Add 600 more BTUs because that each added person occupying the room, such in the instance of a bedroom common by two. Add 4,000 extra BTUs if the unit will be supplied in a kitchen.

Amp Considerations

If you are purchasing a window air conditioner to replace an larger unit, and also can conveniently unplug the electric cord, do so and also take it in addition to you once you shop. Alternatively, you can unplug the cord and also draw a sketch that shows how the prongs that the plug are laid out. This means you can focus on models that use the same type of electrical outlet and avoid those that have a different configuration.

Similarities and also Differences

You"ll uncover a variety of BTU capacities, and also a range of amp plug configurations among air air conditioning units. Most room air air conditioning will range from 5,000 BTUs to together high together 30,000. There space three simple configurations that plug receptacles for amps of wait conditioners: parallel, perpendicular and also tandem. Parallel and also tandem plug receptacles are commonly used for 15 amp wait conditioners, and tandem receptacles are more common for 20 amp units. She just cut her electrical power bill come 60%, click below to read. Plug configurations will differ, based on the BTUs the the air conditioner and also the variety of amps utilized. This is why it"s important to take her old cord v you or a diagram of the wall receptacle configuration when you shop.

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