You bought asparagus, used fifty percent of the spears, and put the rest in storage. And also after a day or two, you wonder: just how long walk asparagus last?

You absolutely don’t desire it to spoil before you acquire a possibility to usage it. Plus it’s an expensive veggie, and also you’re a mindful spender.

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Or possibly you’ve heard the asparagus has actually a really quick shelf life, and also you desire to learn what’s the best way to keep it so the you placed the bunch whereby it belongs as soon as you acquire home.

If any type of of these sound familiar, this short article is for you.

In it, us cover:

how long is asparagus an excellent for in the fridgehow to pick asparagus in ~ the storehow to store asparagus, either fresh or cookedis freeze asparagus one option?telling if your asparagus is poor or not

Let’s acquire started.

Asparagus bunch in hand

How lengthy Does Asparagus Last

Asparagus3 – 4 days
Asparagus v a wet file towel5 – 7 days
Asparagus in a jar with water10 – 14 days
Cooked asparagus3 – 5 days
Please note the periods above are only estimates.Fresh raw asparagus big 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator on the own. Come get more storage time, you must either wrap that in a moist record towel or ar it upright in a jar v some water. The former gives you as much as a week, if the latter deserve to make asparagus last up to two weeks.

As you can tell, the periods vary substantially depending on exactly how much initiative you’re ready to put in as soon as it pertains to storage.

If you’re ready to invest a pair of minute to go the extra mile (more on the methods in the warehouse section), you have the right to triple the time asparagus keeps for.


If you must keep asparagus because that longer, freeze is the method to walk

Cooking asparagus ~ above the stove
Another necessary factor in helping your asparagus critical as long as possible is choosing the finest bunch easily accessible in the supermarket or grocery store.

Here’s how to choose asparagus at the store:

choose bunches that have bright environment-friendly spears that space firm to the touchavoid slimy, limp, or darkening asparagus

When it pertains to cooked asparagus, it retains quality for around 3 come 5 job in the fridge. just like with that uncooked counterpart, freeze is how you preserve it because that longer.

Asparagus prep

How to keep Asparagus

Keep asparagus in the fridge, in an unsealed plastic bag. If you desire to keep it for longer, plunder the bottoms in a damp file towel, or place them upright in a jar v some water. One of two people of those techniques helps asparagus spears retain moisture and also quality because that much much more than they typically do.

When it involves storing cooking asparagus, carry the spears come an airtight container, close the lead and also refrigerate or freeze.

Those space the basics, let’s talk details.

First, raw asparagus is marketed with a rubber band approximately the bunch. Do not remove the band once you obtain home. that will assist secure the spears in storage.

Second, unlike most veggies, asparagus thrives in a damp environment. That’s why leaving it in a half-open plastic bag is a decent option. The bag help the bunch maintain moisture, but also permits it to breathe.

To assist it critical longer, you must supply it v extra moisture, and there are at least two methods of act that.

The straightforward solution right here is come wrap the bottom of the stalks in a wet (not wet) file towel and put them earlier into the bag, leaving that unsealed.

The ultimate storage method: asparagus in a jar v water, cover loosely through a plastic bag

The Best means To store Asparagus

If you need the stalks to stay fresh for a mainly or more, you can try a more sophisticated method of storing the spears in a jar through some water.

To execute that, you need a seasoned or container (or a cup, as you deserve to see in the photo) with around an inch of water.

Place the asparagus upright in the container and also loosely sheathe the optimal of the stalks through a plastic or freezer bag. Perform not certain the bag, just drape it over the bunch. The vegetables still demands some waiting circulation to keep fresh. Change the water if it it s okay cloudy.

Asparagus spears

Does Asparagus must Be Refrigerated?

You don’t need to refrigerate asparagus if you’re going to chef it the same day friend buy it. However if you need it to retain quality longer than that, placing it in the fridge is certainly in order.

Can You frozen Asparagus?

Even if you monitor the an elaborate storage approaches outlined above, asparagus tho does not last that long. And it’s way too pricey to leave it come waste.

Fortunately enough, the freezes relatively well. For this reason if girlfriend bought too much on a revenue or her plans have actually changed, and you aren’t able to chef it within a few days that buying, freezing it is the means to go.

Ground pork potatoes and asparagus

How To freeze Asparagus

The freezing technique for asparagus is quite similar to freezing broccoli. Here’s just how it goes:

Prep. Wash, trim and cut the asparagus.Cooldown. ~ the cook period, deliver the stalks into cold water.Dry thoroughly. drainpipe the water, and also let the spears dry for 10 – 20 minutes. Beat them dried with paper towels.Packaging. division the stalks into a couple of portions if girlfriend won’t require them every at once and put every one right into a different freezer bag. Climate squeeze as much air out of the bag, and also seal it tight. Add a label with a day if girlfriend like.Freeze the bags.

Cooked and seasoned asparagus

How come Tell If Asparagus Is Bad?

Discard asparagus if:

There’s mold. If there’s any type of fuzzy activity on the spears, or there space black spots here and also there, that asparagus is no good.It’s soft or mushy. The tips normally darken and go limp first, climate the stalks go wrinkly. It’s a spectrum, of course – you can use rather softish spears, but if slimy residue set it, they have to go.It smells funky. Asparagus doesn’t yes, really smell prefer much, therefore if yours creates an turn off odor, it’s time come let that go. Trust her nose.

Besides the above, her asparagus spears can start to shed color. Discoloration is a sign that they won’t keep for much longer, and it’s finest to eat lock as quickly as possible.

Like with other veggies, you can cut out the poor parts (and some extra), or discard only the spoiled spears and use the rest. However, if most of the stalks space done for, you probably should throw out the entirety bunch altogether.

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Before food preparation the veggie, give it a good whiff. If it doesn’t odor fresh but has a rotten, acrid smell to it, litter it out.