Thinking around getting a Red sleep or Blue Nose Pit Bull or a mix of these 2 varieties of American Pit Bull Terrier?

I bet you’re wondering about their health, lifespan, and how to efficiently train one.

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Having one idea that just how lengthy do pit bulls live, or what to mean from a Red Nose & Blue nose mix can aid prepare for the future.

In this guide, we will cover all the above.

We will even suggest part cute dog names for this breed!


Let’s dive in.

Use the table of content to navigate between the section & examine out our infographic in ~ the end of the guide .

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Red Nose/ Blue sleep Pit Bull Facts: Lifespan and HealthHOW long DO PIT BULLS LIVE?Blue Nose, red nose pit bull puppies because that sale

Red Nose/ Blue sleep Pit Bull Facts: Lifespan and Health

Before stating lifespan and also health, the is vital to note that there is no blue sleep or red sleep pit bull breed.

Both these types of dogs are the very same breed – The American Pit Bull Terrier.

(Please note that: The AKC go not acknowledge the American Pit Bull Terrier. It establish a comparable one: the American Staffordshire terrier. This write-up on Dogster will demystify The Difference between A Pit Bull and also An American Pit Bull Terrier)

Their surname come from your coloring quite than something else. Right here is an interesting color chart for pitbulls.

This distinction in coloring doesn’t have any effect on their health, longevity, or temperament.

Due to this, the Red sleep Pit Bull lifespan and also health worries are the same as a blue nose.

We have to make a keep in mind of this due to the fact that many world think that Blue Nose and Red sleep Pits are various breeds and also require various food, training, and also healthcare.

In this regard, people room wrong.

If she wondering around the difference in between these two species of American Pit Bull Terrier, review this article: What is the Difference in between Blue Nose and also Red sleep Pit Bulls?



Height: 17 to 19 inchesWeight: 30 to 90 poundsLifespan: 12 to 14 years


Pit Bulls are great pets for any kind of family. However, world tend to overlook information about their supposed lifespan. There is no this information, prospective owners will underestimate the duty of owning a Pit Bull.

The typical life expectations of a pit bull is about 12 years, i m sorry is fairly great for a medium-sized dog. But, yes a misconception the Pits live much shorter lives, which isn’t true.

More importantly, girlfriend must understand 12 year is an average. Like any kind of other dog, Pit Bulls can die earlier from cancer or congenital disabilities. Top top a more joy note, they can also live longer than their median lifespan.

In the end, it depends on the form of care each dog receives. Every decision you make as an owner can impact your dog lifespan.

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Short answer:

It depends on what rather you throw right into the mix and also which traits are most dominant.

It’s nearly impossible to give you an exact lifespan for a pit mix.

Generally speaking, though, you can most likely expect your blended breed pit to live around as long as the median American Pit Bull Terrier expectation in general: 10-12 years.

How old to be the oldest Pit Bull ever before Recorded?

When learning around the lifespan of a breed, I like to look increase the details on the earliest of that kind. It gives me hope for the future due to the fact that even though 12 years is a long and happy life because that a dog, we constantly want more time with our canine companions.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be a Guinness civilization Record for the earliest pit bull ever, and even a deep find didn’t get reliable results.

I did find one man on talking around his 18-year-old pit and asking if anyone deserve to beat that number.

There to be no takers.

This is the only verified list I discovered of earliest dogs. That does NOT encompass American Pitbulls.

If you had actually a pit bull the lived much longer than the median lifespan, we’d love to hear about it! 

Health of the American Pit Bull Terier

It’s time to go over the health that the American Pit Bull Terrier.

You have to take a look at their wellness issues since it will help you recognize what could prevent her Pit Bull from living a long time.

Also, the will help you identify what you have the right to do to extend his or she life.

As listed before, the Blue nose Pit and also Red nose Pit are part of the very same breed. Therefore, their hardiness and also health concerns are precisely the same.

Given both these ranges of American Pit Bulls space exceptionally hardy, that no surprised they have actually such an extensive lifespans.

In comparison to other pure breeds, American Pit Bulls are known to suffer much less breed-induced sicknesses and disorders

Hip Dysplasia: 

Hip Dysplasia is a disorder wherein the round of the femur doesn’t sit properly in the i know well socket. This dreadful disorder will wear away both the ball and socket leading to arthritis and feasible chronic i know good dislocation.

Mild instances can be treated v anti-inflammatory drugs while severe cases require surgery.

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Hypothyroidism is a problem where the thyroid gland doesn’t job-related correctly. As soon as the thyroid isn’t working, her Pit Bull will obtain weight, have actually a negative coat, and also contract various other whole-body issues.

This condition is common in middle-aged dogs. Luckily, it’s quickly treatable through medications.

Heart Disease: 

Heart condition isn’t exceptionally common amongst Pits. However, that is an ext common for them than various other breeds.

You should constantly have her vet examine for a heart murmur in ~ every appointment.

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While you can’t totally prevent these health issues, you can do particular things to assist your pit protect against them as lengthy as possible.

For example, maintaining a healthy and balanced weight and also getting them continual exercise may aid keep i know well dysplasia in ~ bay.

Pits, including the blue nose and rose nose pit bull, weight commonly ranges between 30-60 pounds.

Yes, i know, that’s a considerable range, but your vet have the right to tell you on what end of the spectrum her pit belongs.

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Allergies space another substantial issue with pit bulls that room a bit easier to deal with. If girlfriend think the allergies no a large deal since they aren’t deadly, think again.

While gift itchy won’t kill your dog, the continuous scratching can lead to open up wounds and infections.

Fortunately, our knowledge around helping dogs address seasonal and food allergies has actually increased in current years.

Your vet can assist you identify the best diet and medications to store your dog healthy and also comfortable.

Excellent Health and Longevity

The American Pit Bull Terrier, which encompasses both the Blue nose Pit and Red nose Pit, is an incredibly hardy, healthy dog through a decently lengthy lifespan the leans toward the high side.

I have seen plenty of breeds come in and out that the doors of the vet practice, and also Pits were among the healthy breeds come walk with the doors.

How come Train a Red Nose/ Blue nose Pit bull

As you’ll view below, the price the these two dogs is significantly different.

Honestly, this to be a shock to me due to the fact that the difference in between them is so thin.

Blue sleep Pit Bull Prices

Usually, the price of a Blue nose Pit Bull arrays from $1000 to $3000 USD. These dogs room in high need due to their good personality and beautiful looks. The price mirrors people’s obsession through the Blue nose Pit Bull.

Red nose Pit Bull Prices

The expense for a Red sleep Pit Bull arrays from around $500 -$700 USD. The seems people gravitate in the direction of the blue colour of the Blue Nose rather than the red colour of the Red Nose.

After we developed the costs, you’re probably wondering wherein you can discover either of these beautiful dogs.

Pit Bull Kennels


If you’re looking to buy among these sweet natured pups, the adhering to kennels are places you have to consider:

Blu publish Kennels; Sacramento, CaliforniaTatonka Kennels; Defuniak Springs, FloridaCaragan Kennels; Snohomish, WashingtonTom Garner Kennels; Hillsborough, north CarolinaLarum’s APBT Kennel; Reno, NevadaLegends Kennels; Roswell, new MexicoOn the increase Pitbulls; Jacksonville, FloridaNevada Kennels; Fallon, NevadaAgainst the Wind Kennels; 3 Forks, Montana

However, I’d introduce adopting a Red nose or Blue nose Pit Bull indigenous your regional shelter or rescue. Given the dog overpopulation difficulty our civilization faces, there’s more than likely one the these dogs sitting within a sanctuary waiting for their forever home.

Where to take on a Pit Bull Puppy

As mentioned above, pit bulls room the most common dog discovered in shelters, so finding one to take on shouldn’t be the hard.

I suggest beginning with your local shelters. Relying on where girlfriend live, that might be the Humane Society, the ASPCA, or a smaller sized local-run shelter.

If you have a tough time finding the right dog at among these bigger shelters, her next finest bed is little rescue teams that specialization in pit bulls.

Another fabulous source is through fostering events! these events carry together groups from about your area (including other states) come one convenient location. Find out how come find adoption events near you.

You can additionally use a business like PetFinder come narrow under your search. In mine area alone, there space over 1,500 pit bulls waiting for a home.

Since us talked about the different types of illnesses, lifespan, training, cost, where to buy/adopt a purebred Red nose or Blue sleep American Pit Bull, it makes sense to talk a bit about what happens once you breed the two.

Red Nose and Blue nose Pitbull Mix


What Happens as soon as You breed a Red sleep Pit Bull with Blue sleep Pit Bull?

Honestly, mixing these types of Pit Bulls is a crapshoot. As discussed before, these species of Pit Bulls aren’t breeds, and also both noses colors room recessive traits.

 What will the Litter look at Like?

You’ll probably finish up with a litter full of different kinds the nose and coat colors. In other words, this is the exact same as mix a black lab v a yellow lab. There’s no telling exactly how the puppies will certainly look.

How long Does A Red Nose/ Blue nose Pit Bull Mix Live?

It’s virtually impossible to provide you an accurate lifespan because that a pit mix. Typically speaking, you deserve to expect your combined breed pit come live around as lengthy as the average American Pit Bull Terrier expectation in general: 10-12 years.

Do the Health problems Differ?

There’s a really short answer to this question: no. These dog exist in the same breed; therefore, their puppies’ proclivities to conditions won’t change.

Is it Dangerous to cross a Blue sleep Pit Bull with a Red nose Pitbull?

No, breeding these two dogs isn’t considered dangerous. However, there isn’t any suggest given you can’t predict the physical traits your puppies will certainly possess. 

These Pits are great options for people who can not afford the price the a Pit Bull puppy. They might be together low together $25 depending on the shelter’s policies and also regulations.

Red Nose/ Blue nose Pit Bull Names

If you’re having actually trouble naming your Red nose or Blue sleep Pit Bull, here is a list the dog names to assist you.

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Blue nose Male Pit Bull Names:FlintNavyFogGunnerCobalt


Blue nose Female Pit Bull Names:AquaPebbleMistySkySapphireRed sleep Male Pit Bull Names:BrickCooperFlameLaserRustyRed sleep Female Pit Bull Names:RubyScarletMerlotLilyRose

Now you understand pretty much whatever there is to know about Red Nose and also Blue nose pit bulls! If girlfriend have any type of questions that we missed, feel complimentary to questioning in the comments.