Although quite distinct, the Pacific Northwest urban of Portland and also Seattle make a great vacation pair. These siblings split by state lines room equally as beautiful and also interesting, however in different ways.

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Travelers deserve to take assorted pathways in between Portland and Seattle. Because that the many scenic (and slow) route, motorists can veer to the coastline and hop the cities there.But even the many straight-shot route, up interstate 5, is complete of fun stops (although the traffic deserve to be pretty rough in town).

A drive directly through will just take around three hours, but you have the right to drag it the end over a couple of days and also see scenic parks and also mountains, museums and gardens, islands and lakes.

Here are 10 that the many great places to visit ~ above a road pilgrimage from Portland to Seattle.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

239 NW Everett Street, Portland

Stunning Chinese garden in Portland — photograph courtesy that InSapphoWeTrust / flickr

Start in Portland’s Lan Su Chinese Garden, created as a partnership between Portland and also its sisters city, Suzhou, China. The factory garden is prefer a farming work harmonizing design, nature and architecture. The "Garden that Awakening Orchids" is taken into consideration the many authentic Chinese garden outside of the nation itself.

Bachelor Island

Columbia River, close to Ridgefield

Birds in the Ridgefield national Wildlife Refuge — photograph courtesy that Jason Crotty / flickr

Famous explorers Lewis and also Clark originally called this "Green Bryor Isd" in 1805, making the an interesting location for both nature-lovers and history buffs. The island is ~ above the Columbia River near Ridgefield, and is part of the 5,217-acre Ridgefield national Wildlife Refuge. The huge Columbia River, additionally called the an excellent River of the West, is considered by part to be the most far-ranging environmental force in the Pacific Northwest, follow to the center for Columbia river History.

Lake Sacajawea


Scenic Lake Sacajawea — picture courtesy that Lee / flickr

This Washington lake is popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts that like to take advantage of that is 3.5 mile of trails. Follow the courses under bridges and past stunning landscaping, fountains and also gardens. Visitors can take a "Solar system Walk" or go fishing or canoeing. Don’t miss out on the Japanese Gardens here.

Silver Lake


Mt. St. Helens reflect in silver- Lake — photo courtesy that iStock / 4nadia

On the way to mountain St. Helens in Washington is the 3,000-acre silver Lake, whereby visitors can find surrounding trails, camping, fishing and also boating. Those that don’t want to camp deserve to stay at the waterfront silver Lake Resort, wherein each room has a balcony overlooking the water. Cast out a heat from the balcony and also fish from your room.

Mount St. Helens visitant Centers

Castle Rock

Mount St. Helens native a street — photo courtesy of Andrew E. Larsen / flickr

Mount St. Helens" eruption in 1980 was monumental and sparked the biggest landslide in videotaped history. Learn much more about the famous volcano in castle Rock, Washington at the various visitor centers. Each facility offers various slivers ofhistory, an excellent views and stories indigenous survivors.

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The woodland Learning center is free and family-friendly; the "eruption chamber" is especially interesting.