Australia is such a beautiful country to visit, but it’s true that is pretty much from the US. If you are from new York, exactly how long would certainly it take to get to the land under under?

How lengthy is a flight from brand-new York come Australia? A flight from new York come Australia takes about 22 come 30 hours. This is with one refueling stopover, often in Los Angeles. The moment it takes depends on the speed of the airplane, the time spent on the runway, and the weather conditions.

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Here is a summary of flight times from new York to details cities in Australia <1>:

Flight destination with 1 Re-Fuel Stop:Time that Takes:
New York come Brisbane 22 hours
New York come Sydney22 hours and 35 minutes
New York to Melbourne23 hours and also 25 minutes
New York come Perth1 day and 1 hour
New York to Adelaide1 day and 3 hours

New York come Australia is a long flight. The airplane has to make an obligatory stopover come refuel so that it can complete the trip. Currently, over there is no non-stop flight from brand-new York come Australia.

Although Australia is well-known as the the smallest continent in the world, it is quiet a large place. There are numerous interesting point out of destinations in this country. Girlfriend can choose to walk to Melbourne, Sydney, or Canberra, it’s capital.

Or you have the right to fly come Sydney, Perth and other cities which likewise offer a many of exciting sites and activities. The flight time from brand-new York to every of these cities will vary due to the fact that they are remote from every other.

How long Is a trip from brand-new York come Australia? to compare 21 Flights

There are numerous commercial airlines serving the path of brand-new York to Australia. Listed below is a perform of the airlines and their approximated flight time to take trip this route. <2> The list is organized by fastest come the longest time. JFK is man F. Kennedy airplane in Queens, NY. LGA is LaGuardia airplane in Queens, NY. EWR is Newark Liberty global Airport in Newark, brand-new Jersey.

Airline:Trip:Time that Takes:
Qantas AirwaysJFK come Brisbane22 hours and 15 minutes
Qantas prayer JFK to Sydney 22 hours and also 35 minutes
United airline LGA to Sydney23 hrs
Air new ZealandEWR come Sydney 24 hours and 5 minute
United airline LGA to Sydney25 hours and also 6 minute
Delt JFK come Melbourne 25 hours and 15 minutes
Cathay PacificJFK to Brisbane26 hours and also 10 minutes
China EasternJFK to Brisbane 26 hours and 35 minutes
Major Airline JFK to Melbourne 28 hours and also 45 minutes
Virgin Australia JFK to Brisbane29 hours and also 35 minutes
China eastern JFK to Sydney 30 hours and 10 minutes
American airlines LGA come Sydney 30 hours and 19 minutes
Virgin Australia JFK to Melbourne 30 hours and also 50 minutes
Cathay PacificJFK come Perth 31 hrs
Qantas airways EWR come Melbourne 31 hours and also 30 minutes
Virgin AustraliaJFK to Sydney 32 hours and also 5minutes
Qatar prayer JFK come Perth 32 hours and also 25 minutes
Major Airline EWR to Sydney36 hours and also 10 minute
Hawaiian airlines JFK to Sydney 42 hours and 45 minute
Air Canada LGA come Sydney 45 hours
China EasternJFK come Sydney 51 hours and 50 minutes

All of these commercial flights have actually at least one stopover or one layover. As soon as flying from new York come Australia, a common airport to stop for refueling is Los Angeles. You might stay top top the same plane, or the airline may switch girlfriend to an additional plane. The move is rather seamless as you acquire moved to the various other plane.

So far, there space no non-stop flights offer the brand-new York to Australia route. There are speculations of one of two people a Boeing 787 or Boeing 777 that could make non-stop flights feasible from new York to Australia in the future. One flight by airline Qantas recently tested a non-stop flight from brand-new York to Sydney, Australia. The took only 19-hours to complete the flight. <3>

Factors that Determine how Long that Takes to fly from new York to Australia


The actual size of timerequired to fly from new York to Australia depends on several factors.

The speed of the Airplane

The average flight speed of many commercial airliners is around 500 miles per hour / 805 kilometers per hour. Because that a straight-line computation, you have the right to divide the total distance from new York come a certain point in Australia by the trip speed, and you will know exactly how long it will certainly take the airplane to reach Australia.

The Time forced for the aircraft to take it Off and also to Land

Normally,thirty minute are included to the trip time to account for the take-off andlanding that the airplane. However, if there is too much traffic ~ above the runway,the flight time will be extended.

The Weather Conditions

Turbulence in the air significantly affects the flight speed of one airplane. The pilot have to see come it that the plane can safely negotiate whatever weather conditions he may confront during the flight. If the weather is uncooperative, the flight time will take much longer than usual.

The Best method and the ideal Airlines to fly from NewYork come Australia

While that is tagged as thesmallest continent in the world, Australia is quiet a big country. Come decidewhich airline to use, you need to determine which part of Australia you desire tovisit.

From new York, you have two paths to choose from. One course flies over the Atlantic, and the other route paris over the Pacific. If you choose the Atlantic route, your path will it is in from brand-new York, climate to the joined Arab Emirates, and finally come Australia. The Pacific route will start you from brand-new York, then to Los Angeles, and also on to Australia.

If you arrangement to experiencethe finest beaches in Australia, then you have to head come the west Coast. Inthat case, you have to take the Atlantic Route. The finest airline you have the right to use isEmirates Airlines.

This airline supplies reasonable airfares coupled with terrific service. Her layover will be in Dubai, which is an exciting destination to visit. You have the right to visit the Burj Khalif, at 160-stories, the tallest building and also structure in the world.

Another airliner, Etihad, also services the brand-new York come Australia Atlantic route. That layover is in Abu Dhabi, i m sorry is no as interesting as Dubai.

If you plan to check out the Australian eastern Coast, you have to take the Pacific route. In that case, your best option is Qantas Airlines. Although it is a bit much more expensive, the service is very good.

The complete flight time is about equal to that of the Atlantic route. However, the transit time in Los Angeles will take roughly 8 hours. Yes not much to watch in L.A. If you are an competent traveler. The LAX also doesn’t offer so much. And the website traffic is one issue, particularly if you would favor to go out to eat.

Bottom line: you will certainly be better off if you will take the Atlantic route. The is lot cheaper; the flight time is not that too many long. And also along the way, you have the right to go to amazing places that won’t bore you at all. Over there are plenty of things you can do in Dubai and many locations you can visit too while you invest your time.

What room the Cheapest time to paris to Australia?

United Airlines aircraft prepares to land at Newark Liberty international Airport (EWR) in Newark, brand-new Jersey

If girlfriend schedule your trip when the airline are giving special discounts, you deserve to save quite a lot. Here are part tips the you have to consider.

1) February, March, and also November room the Cheapest months to paris to Australia

If you want to stretch your budget, the best months to go to Australia room February, March, and also November. Summer in Australia commonly starts in November, when you can still reap the winter sunlight in February and also March.

Statistics show that if you fly to Australia during these months, you deserve to save as lot as $450 on your airfare. This will mitigate your round-trip ticket to just $1,550. Compare that to the $2,000 round pilgrimage ticket throughout the top season in January <4>.

2) Wednesday Is the Cheapest Day come Buy an airplane Ticket come Australia

If friend buy your ticket on a Wednesday, girlfriend will be able to pay much less than the normal plane fare. Thus, you deserve to save much more dollars which you deserve to use to pay because that your costs while you are in Australia.

You deserve to save approximately $37 on your ticket indigenous the JFK airplane in new York to Melbourne if you buy that on a Wednesday. If you select to paris from Dallas to Sydney nonstop, girlfriend will acquire a savings of $27.

The center of the main is also a great day to paris to Australia. It appears not as well many human being take middle-of-the-week flights. You will likely have a seat beside you empty. That’s good because the will help you sleep much better during the long flight.

3) Monday Is the Cheapest work to paris to Australia

Statistics present that Monday is the cheapest day come depart native the unified States and also fly come Australia. Therefore, job-related out all your preparations so the your departure date will loss on a Monday. Statistics also reveal the cheap plane tickets come Australia prolong to Tuesday and Wednesday. Yet from Thursday onwards, ticket price go back to their regular rates.

4) 100 come 200 days in development of the Flight date to Australia Will conserve You money

Records also show the thecheapest plane tickets from new York come Australia are offered approximately100 to 200 days prior to the actual flight date. If girlfriend take note of this timeframe, you have the right to take advantage of the offer. In for this reason doing, you can save as muchas $350 top top your plane ticket.

5) Tuesday Is the Cheapest day to return to the United states from Australia

For even an ext savings, schedule your exit from Australia ~ above a Tuesday. Statistics revealed that, on average, this is the day once the price of plane tickets indigenous Australia come the United claims are at their lowest.

But if the is really impossible for girlfriend to leave Australia ~ above a Tuesday, then the next day is still favorable to your wallet. Although prices of aircraft tickets usually increase slightly ~ above Wednesdays.

Conclusion – how Long Is a trip from new York come Australia?

How lengthy is a flight from brand-new York to Australia? To paris from brand-new York to Australia by commercial aircraft takes around 22 to 30 hours.

The current 5 fastest flights native NY to Australia include:

Qantas prayer – JFK come Brisbane – 22 hours and 15 minutesQantas prayer – JKF come Sydney – 22 hours and 15 minutesUnited airline – LGA come Sydney – 23 hoursAir brand-new Zealand – EWR to Sydney – 24 hours and 5 minutesUnited airlines – LGA to Sydney – 25 hours and also 6 minutes

All the current flights call for a stopover, often in Los Angeles, come refuel. Qantas freshly tested a non-stop flight from NY come Australia that took just 19 hours. Not having actually to protect against for fuel cuts the moment by a couple of hours.

It is a long flight to Australia, yet the trip is precious it. Australia is such a beautiful nation to see. The so-called land under under is actually the driest continent on earth. The coastlines are among the longest in the world. The famous good Barrier Reef is among its best attractions.

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Just have the appropriate expectation for exactly how long the pilgrimage will take, and also you will be mentally all set for it.