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film Screening: 2 Million minute VIEW occasion DETAILS
Asia culture Washington will organize a one-of-a-kind screening that Two Million Minutes, a documentary compare the educational difficulties in the US, China, and India. It will be complied with by a discussion with the executive, management producer, Robert Compton.

"Regardless the nationality, as shortly as a college student completes the 8 hours grade, the clock beginning ticking. From that an extremely moment the son has about ... Two Million Minutes till high school graduation ... 2 Million minute to build his or her intellectual structure ... 2 Million minute to prepare because that college and also ultimately career ... Two Million minute to go from a teenager come an adult.

How students spend their 2 Million Minutes—in class, at house studying, playing sports, working, sleeping, socializing, or just goofing off—will affect their financial prospects because that the remainder of their lives." —

Is over there a systems to America"s education challenges? according to documentary producer, Robert Compton, the answer may just lie in what the views together the "21st-century solution."

The concept which Compton believes will certainly make a large difference in elevating American students" competitiveness globally is made up of the right curriculum, the appropriate teachers, and expectation because that success.

Public institutions in both India and China have actually done it, producing four time the number of high college graduates than the united state while China now produces eight times an ext scientists and also engineers. This movie was produced to answer the question: space we doing sufficient with the moment we need to ensure the best future because that all?

Over the previous 30 years, Robert Compton organized a distinguished business career together an entrepreneur and also venture capitalist in industries including software, telecommunications, healthcare, and also medical services. If serving as President/COO the Sofamor Danek, that led the biggest spinal medical machine company in the world. Once he took a plunge into the filmmaking business, Compton created, produced, and financed Two Million Minutes, a documentary aimed in ~ finding a systems to America"s education and learning woes.

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Compton hold an MBA native Harvard service School and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Rose-Hulman academy of Technology. He has actually served on end a dozen non-profit organizations, including as a Trustee of the Kauffman Foundation, a $1.8 exchange rate foundation specialized to speeding up entrepreneurship.