So, i bought one those big greek yogurt containers and opened it to do overnight oats. Just how long will they critical on the fridge? I will take rather some time to consume it all...

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As long as the hasn't acquired green and fuzzy and also the texture looks ok, go for it. It commonly takes us about a month come go through a large container the yogurt, however I've found a moldy one in the back of the fridge when that to be 6 months - a year old.

I additionally just eat it till it smells turn off or has visible mold ~ above it. It commonly lasts numerous weeks for me.

Typically castle should have an expiration date or a best by date on them somewhere. I frequently think about 16 work at most would it is in the magic number. Worst pertains to worst, odor it! If the smells off litter it out.

Those dates are only for the unopened container. I would go v max 2 weeks after opening. Make certain your refrigerator is roughly 4 degrees centigrade :) and also keep her eyes and also nose open.

I candid eat Greek yogurt until it's moldy. It never turns bad before it gets moldy (which is visibly green). In my suffer anyway.

How long it keeps counts on just how old the is already, how clean the spoon you dipped in the was, and also how lengthy it was out of the fridge. The does generally look off (blue or green mould, because that example) and also smell poor when it is bad.

It is worth making recipes that use it end the following three or 4 days. At the very least you deserve to make yoghurt icecream and also keep the in the freezer! examine out cakes and biscuits that usage yoghurt as an ingredient, make yoghurt cheese, yoghurt dressings, yet leave some for her next couple of serves the overnight oats!

Different brand seem to be a little different. Every one of them last around a month in ~ least. My neighborhood store brand tho smelled and tasted fresh a month after the date. I only threw the away because I couldn't justify moving a 4 minutes 1 container of yogurt to a brand-new house.

Yogurt take away a long time to go bad. If it's bad, you'll check out mold and also it will probably smell off. If you don't know what good yogurt smells like, make certain you take it a an excellent sniff every time you open up the container. As soon as it starts to walk bad, you'll know.

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You can aid it follow me by smoothing the end the peak of the container and scraping under the sides every time you use it. The much less yogurt clinging come the side of the tub the better. The smoother the top of the yogurt the better.