Tic Tacs have been roughly since 1969 and also have been took pleasure in by almost everyone approximately the world. You have the right to pop one in her mouth for prompt fresh breath, or be choose me and also eat 6 in ~ a time just because you can.

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But let’s be real. Execute you understand anything else about Tic Tacs besides the fact that they are tiny mints that come in different flavors? No? the okay, ns didn’t either. That’s why girlfriend should examine out these fresh facts that you’ve probably never heard of:

1. The company that provides Nutella additionally makes Tic Tacs.


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Yes, you review that right. Ferrero, the Italian confectioner, produces Nutella, Kinder Chocolate, Rocher, and Tic Tacs. however please, don’t try and dip your Tic Tacs in Nutella.

2. Tic Tacs to be originally called “Refreshing Mints.”

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I assumption: v the an imaginative juices were no flowing throughout the product naming stage, but thankfully the surname was changed in 1970 come Tic Tac. This onomatopoeia recommendations the sound the mints do in the plastic container.

3. Over there is a wrong method to eat the mints.

Kind of. The is assumed that the design under the optimal flap was developed to enable for a single Tic Tac to it is in released. If you still want to pour straight in to your hand, you perform you. Ns not about that single Tic Tac life so capture me pouring out a handful.

4. The grape flavor has actually a shocking history.

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The red dye, amaranth, used for the grape flavored mints was believed to have actually a suspected carcinogen in it. In 2014, Tic Tac re-released grape and they are now safe come eat.

5. Other nations only sell white Tic Tacs.


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Instead of various colored mints to aid identify the flavor, other nations have different colored containers. That way your favorite orange mint is simply plain white (which sadly also means no much more orange tongue).

6. Pink Grapefruit is not just a flavor.

This Tic Tac was created to present the company’s assistance for breast cancer awareness. You deserve to only find Pink Grapefruit mints from August with October. I don’t know around you, but this renders me love the flavor also more.

7. Tic Tacs are gluten free.

Rejoice, my gluten free friends. That’s right, these small mints space sans gluten and also that means you have the right to eat as many as you’d favor without having actually to worry.

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