You can be surprised, however limousine as a principle dates back well prior to the innovation of motorized automobiles.

Even during the era the horses-and-carriages, wealthy civilization enjoyed transportation v a an individual coachman.

Sunset in a stretch limousine – Why not?

Throughout the centuries, chauffeurs ferried affluent people approximately in a separate cabin, concealed from windy sight.

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Therefore, limousine doesn’t refer to the form of vehicle but is a fairly generic term.

Accordingly, limousines are differentiated by a glass partition the separates the driver’s chair from the passenger compartment.

They are likewise luxurious and also stylish.

The beginning of all limousines

Private vehicles with personal chauffeurs were particularly popular in Europe.

In fact, the ax ‘limousine’ supposedly originates from words Limousin, i beg your pardon is the name of a province in France. This region lies in the foot the the Massif Central, an area through long and cold winters, and also a lot of snowy days.

In the region, shepherding was the key occupation. To safeguard themselves indigenous harsh weather, the shepherds wore cloaks with large hoods.

The extended compartment of the an initial automobiles looked choose a raised hood that the cloak the shepherds that the Limousin an ar wore. This is exactly how the word ‘limousine’ gained its today’s meaning.

Mercedes Limousine Interior

Regular automobile or a limousine – exactly how to tell?

Although a taxi also comes v a driver, it is easy to identify it native a limousine. Limousine is a luxury car that regularly has one-of-a-kind amenities and comes in different sizes.

The limousine can be a town car, a sedan, a mini SUV, one SUV, a flex-fuel, a hybrid, or a stretch limousine. Even vans and party buses count as limousines when they are noted by a limo agency and equipped through gadgets and also have a skilled chauffeur.

The two types of limousines most generally used room the regular and also the large limousine. Read additional to discover out how to distinguish the two.

Difference in between a stretch limo and a constant limo

As we declared above, there are many different species of limousines.

Their differences lie in the size, purpose, the variety of passengers they deserve to accommodate, their colors, amenities, occasions they space the most an ideal for, an individual preferences that passengers, and also similar.

It is the exact same with regular limos and also stretch limos. They differ in the complying with characteristics:

The size and variety of passengersAmenitiesPurpose
Mercedes continuous limo

Sedan limousines characteristics

When you cite a limousine, world usually think the a deluxe sedan or saloon car, since it is the most common.

The native ‘sedan’ roots from the Latin word ‘sedes/sedere’ which way “to sit”. Italian indigenous ‘sede’ way ‘chair’, or – to be an ext precise – a ‘covered chair top top poles’, something like an attached litter. That is just how in the at an early stage 1600s we gained the Italian indigenous sedan.

A traditional sedan limousine deserve to fit three human being comfortably. They typically serve as a way of transportation for service people, their clients, and also executives.

Mercedes sedan limousine – Perfect line

Sedans are likewise perfect for indiscreet transportation, together they can quickly blend into traffic and also not attract much attention.

Though smaller than stretch limos, continual limos are still really comfortable, have acquired a many legroom, and provide a huge trunk because that optimum storing capacity.

Although lock don’t come with the exact same equipment, sedans provide the feeling of riding in a really luxurious car.

However, newer models likewise come with contemporary amenities such as:

heated rear seatsremotely managed air conditioninga stereoadjustable rear head restraintsSecurity functions such as armoring and also bulletproof glass

The continuous limo, one of two people a sedan or a town car, is a classy, old-school and sophisticated vehicle, which provides it the king of every the limousines.

So, what is a stretch limo?

Stretch Limousine

Stretch limousines are actually prolonged versions of a large sedan.

To portray it, the chassis of the limousine has actually been extended, i.e. The has acquired lengthened wheelbase.

How long is the common stretch limousine (in meters)?

A typical big limo is around 10 meter long, v a 3-meters-long stretch.

By Guinness world Record, the longest limo in the human being ever built was 30 meter long.

It had actually impressive 72 seats, 26 wheels, and also even a helicopter landing pad and also was called the “American Dream”.

Both large limo and also regular limo usually have actually 4 doors.

But The Lincoln 120 ultra-stretch model has 5 doors for less complicated entering and also exiting that the limo.

It is an extremely important not to open and also close the door due to the fact that that is the chauffeur’s job, otherwise you’d show them disrespect. Vehicle drivers take their role very seriously, so simply enjoy the ride, and let them do their job.

Professional (personal) chauffeur opening limo door

What is the difference between driver and a chaffeur? discover out here!

Stretch limos usually can accommodate approximately six people comfortably. But, there room some varieties of large limos now that classify as the six-pack, the eight-pack, and also the ten-pack. However, it doesn’t typical that they accommodate that many civilization comfortably, yet rather one or 2 passengers less.

Stretch limos are as such perfect because that the transport of a team of friends, a family, or several company associates. Castle come in miscellaneous colors and models and also they are offered for a selection of occasions.

From amenities, they space equipped through TV screens, tinted windows, stereotype system, fiber optic lighting, full beverage refrigerator, and also even warm tubs. How thoughtful, isn’t it?

Stretch limousines often tend to it is in romantic, i m sorry is why they are mainly used because that weddings. Castle are considered elegant and stylish and also are associated with high-class events.

Stretch limousine is also excellent together a backdrop because that photographs. If you want classy, elegant, and charming photos to keep memories on her wedding job or a prom night, large limos room perfect background.

Black Mercedes-Benz limousine

How lot do the limos cost?

Nowadays the limousine represents the main instance of expensive and also luxurious floor transportation. It is associated with power and also wealth due to the fact that government officials almost everywhere the human being use them. The is also a price of elegant events like weddings, prom, funerals, business openings, and award ceremonies.

Determining the many expensive limousine is easy, i m sorry is no the situation with identify the many luxurious one since it is a issue of personal taste. Just said, there is no universal traditional for labeling the many luxurious limousine.

Stretch limousine within

Since determining the most luxurious limousine is not possible (it different from individual to individual), we will list the many expensive limousines recognized today.

Cadillac XTS Limousine, entry-level price is $48,635. This version is the expansion of Cadillac’s XTS Sedan, a stretch version with 3 doors on both sides of the car. It showed up in 2012, either in Ontario or in Shanghai, v a six-cylinder engine.Lincoln MKS Limousine, entry-level price is $49,800. This is a stretch version of the MKS four-door sedan.Porsche Cayenne Limousine, entry-level price is $75,000. This model is a stretch variation of Porsche’s Cayenne SUV. The is equipped through an eight-cylinder engine.Chrysler 300 Limousine, entry-level price is $140,000. This version is a lengthy stretch version of Chrysler’s 300 sedans. This is considered to be among the finest stretch limousines with a V8 hemi engine.Mercedes Benz S Class, entry-level price is $154,000. The stretch version has three doors top top both sides, similar to the Cadillac XTS stretch. It has actually a twelve-cylinder engine.Cadillac One, the price is $300,000. The price is in a means justifiable since its only customer is the chairman of the USA.Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB, entry-level price is $470,295. That is equipped v a twelve-cylinder engine and also usually preferred for weddings and also other elegant events.Toyota Century Royal, the price is $534,135. The is produced the Emperor of Japan, that is the just one user. It has a twelve-cylinder engine.

Limo rental prices

The average price the limo rental is $70 come $150 per hour and $425 to $950 for a night.

The price of a limo rental for a wedding different from $500 to $1,100, when limo rental prices for prom differ from $270 come $400.

Limo rental prices

You should additionally take into consideration what type of car you rent, exactly how many world will usage it and also how long, the location, and also how plenty of stops you will make.

For example, the price of a stretch limo the holds 20 civilization for a day would certainly be $500 to $1,250.

Due to higher demand, it is much more expensive to rent a limo for a night. The price of a big limo the holds 20 human being for a night would certainly be $950. This likewise applies to weekends, because that example, if the rental price during the main is $90 per hour, climate it is $120 per hour ~ above weekends.

The price relies on three key factors:

the type of a limothe variety of passengersthe price per hour

Here is a list below:

Luxury sedan 3–4 $40–$70 + tipSmall limo 6–8 $60–$80 + tipLarge limo 9–12 $75–$130 + tipStretch limo as much as 20 $100–$250 + tipStretch Hummer as much as 20 $100–$300 + tip

How much should you tip a limo chauffeur?

It is simple. You just add 15-20% of the limo rental price.

When you contact a limo service, tell castle the occasion and also how plenty of passengers will be with you, and they will help you to decision what form of limo you need.

What have the right to you do inside a limo?

Here space some proposal for having a an excellent time if in a limo:

Have something come drink – if you space old enough options are biggerRelax – remainder in luxurious styleWatch movie – turn on the TV and find her favorite moviePlay video clip games – one more entertaining method that limo can provide

Interesting fun facts

Limo fun reality no. 1:

There are supervisor stretch limos that deserve to seat approximately 14 people. Part models can even seat as much as 20.

These cars are very huge and come in plenty of different models: Lincoln city Cars, Hummers, Deville’s, Escalades, Excursions, and Party Buses. Castle come in miscellaneous colors, but the most renowned is – believe it or no – pink!

They are wonderful for date of birth or bachelor/bachelorette parties due to the fact that they permit you and also your girlfriend to travel together.

Super stretch limos are fully equipped with modern-day technology gadgets and other commodities, like a dance floor, therefore the fun and entertainment are guaranteed.

Because of their length, that is not straightforward to acquire in and also out the super-stretch limo, so numerous come with side rear doors now. For simpler access, countless companies have started building super stretch limousines with 5 doors.

Because of their length, the is challenging to maneuver this vehicles, for this reason their chauffeurs must be very experienced and also properly licensed.

Limo fun truth no. 2:

Limousines are commonly owned by federal governments to transport statesmen and politicians, by large companies to deliver executives and also clients, by broadcasters to deliver their guests, and some space owned through individuals.

However, private individuals rarely own stretch limousines. Most manufacturers that stretch limousines are located in Europe and also the joined States and also supply mainly limousine companies.

Edelswiss – Perfect limousine firm for your pilgrimage in Switzerland

Stretch limousine needs a many of room on the roadway and a drop-off/pickup an are for this cars is a difficulty compared to continual sedans.

Public roads are crowded and also there is a trouble with parking together well. Anywhere the world, most parking lots are only fit for regular passenger cars. Roadside parking is mostly forbidden, too.

The only place to park such huge vehicles would certainly be in one area foreseen for parking of heavy vehicles, along with buses and trucks. So much around class and luxury, huh?

Limo fun truth no. 3:

Be cautious! in spite of the all at once safety the limos, the sector remains largely unregulated.And large limousines are less safe, particularly those that are converted.

Missing protections includeside-impact airbags, easily accessible emergency exits, and also reinforced rollover protection bars. Additionally, because of the lack of regulations, driver qualifications might not be scrutinized.

With such large vehicles, do a U-turn is fairly problematic and also challenging. This uses to so-to-tell Franken-creations.

White stretch limousine -parked

However, factory-built big limos are required to fulfill strict safety regulations and also serious providers hire drivers only after castle pass full background check and also training.

Our target was no to scare you with few of these facts but to warn you come inquire around all the safety features of the limousine you are about to rent so the you can relax and also enjoy your ride.

The most renowned stretch limousines in the world

British agency Prestige Limousine created the first-ever 400-hp Ferrari F1 360 limousine by including nonstructural carbon-fiber panels external inspection to the present Ferrari. This limo comes with enormous Ferrari-red gull-wing doors.Custom-built 312-horsepower Camaro limousine by Avolar Limo. That is well-known by the nickname Bumblebee Transformers. The reason is obvious. The Indycar-style GP limo by Canadian Michael Pettipas is the luxury monster truck. The look-alike Batmobile limo is fitted with all the gadgets the original Batmobile had. The Vault through Armored Limo is the ideal ride for an upscale heist during a bachelor party.The 350-hp Monster Limo has hugest tires – end 120 cm in diameter!


To summarize, the limousine can provide you with amenities the a regular vehicle cannot. Because that instance, that length gives you too many of space for different purposes.

You won’t come throughout a many of human being who will certainly buy it together a family car, since the limousine is concerned as the ride the is usually reserved for just special occasions.

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Limo vs. Stretch limo?

We proclaimed that they different in the adhering to characteristics: the size and variety of passengers, amenities, and purpose.

You likewise won’t have actually any second thoughts around what a large limo is, now you recognize it is the prolonged version the a huge sedan. Both a consistent limousine and a stretch limousine can be dubbed a limo.

It is amazing to understand their prices even though you more than likely won’t buy them, however who knows what life will certainly bring?