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Excellent protection against wind thrust rain and also ice damsHigh quality seal around roofing fastenersProvides watertight installation with NO special treatment of the lapsRipcord and also Measurement Markings allow fast and easy installationRipcord split Release on need makes environment quick and also easySee code Approvals under SpecsAlso code Compliant through Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Divide Sheathing material Fire Resistance classification with Roof Designs: P225, P227, P230, P237, P259, P508, P510, P512, P514, P701, P711, P717, P722, P723, P732, P734, P736, P742, P803, P814, P818, P824; Miami-Dade county Product regulate Approved. Report NOA 12-1115.02; and Florida State Approval Report No. FL289-R3

Grace ice & Water Shield fully-adhered smooth surface roofing underlayment has actually been the leader in roof underlayments for over 35 years. The time-tested rubberized asphalt formulation has actually been proven to type a watertight bond v the roof deck and also to seal approximately fasteners used to attach roof coverings. The elegant Ripcord break-up Release on need makes surroundings around daunting areas choose chimneys fast and also simple.

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Manufacturer component Number652
Sub BrandGCP applied Technologies
Code ApprovalICC ESR-1677 approval according to AC-48 acceptance Criteria because that Self-Adhered underlayments provided as ice Barriers; Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Class A fire group under fiber-glass shingles and also Class C under organic feeling shingles (per ASTM E108/UL 790;
Coverage - Square Feet108
Installation MethodSelf-Adhering; side Laps must be a minimum of 3.5 inches and also End Laps a minimum the 6 inches
Installation Temperature40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
Length - Feet36
Package Quantity1
Thickness - Inches40 mil
Ultraviolet Protection30 Days
Width - Inches36
Ships to HI/AKNo

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