If friend just uncovered a party of tonic water sit in the cabinet for over a year, the concern “does tonic go bad?’ pops increase immediately.

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Maybe you want to make part cocktails, or simply drink a glass the tonic water through lime, yet now you’re not fairly sure if it’s still safe to drink.

Fortunately because that you, an in similar way to other carbonated drinks, tonic water lasts fairly a long time in an unopened bottle. As soon as you open up the bottle, the moment it remains at optimal quality is limited.

If you’d like to learn more about storage, shelf life, and also going negative of this soft drink through quinine, check out on.

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How To save Tonic Water

To keep the unopened party of tonic fresh and bubbly, you have to store it in the fridge or the pantry. Choose a ar that’s dry and also away indigenous sunlight and any sources of heat.


Refrigerating one unopened bottle of tonic doesn’t really prolong its shelf life much, yet it’s useful to keep the fluid chilled.

Once you open up the bottle, the best place to save the leftover tonic water is the fridge, in a strictly sealed bottle. That method tonic water requirements refrigeration after opening.

Of course, if you’re walking to use the entirety bottle the exact same day you open up it, chilling in the fridge isn’t yes, really required. It won’t make lot of a difference. If you, however, desire to store the tonic for a few more days then the refrigerator is a must.

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How long Does Tonic Water Last

Tonic water comes through a day on the label. Usually, it’s the best-by date, which educates you how long the product have to remain at ideal quality.

Of course, the unopened bottle of tonic water will remain safe come drink and bubbly for lot longer. You can conveniently assume that the beverage will last at the very least a few months previous the day on the package, if not more.

If the seal is perfectly intact, the bottle have the right to last years. v a quick search online you can uncover a dozen stories of people who opened tonic water that’s 3-5 years after the best-by date, and it to be still fine.

Once you open up the bottle, things adjust drastically. At room temperature the tonic water will remain good for a day, maybe two. If you chuck it right into the fridge, it will last because that a couple of more days. and by “good” I mean it will retain its flavor and the bubbliness you are looking for.

After a few days, similar to soda, it will lose that carbonation, and also become flat and also watery. It will certainly be still for sure for consumption, but without one of its most vital qualities, you will probably pick to discard it. In various other words, that won’t occupational that fine in gin and also tonic (even if it’s with grenadine), or any kind of other drinks for that matter.

Tonic (Unopened)Best by + 1 yearBest by + 1 year
Tonic (Opened)1 – 2 days3 – 5 days

Please note that the moment constraints above are for ideal quality only.

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How come Tell If Tonic Water Is Bad

Generally speaking, tonic water doesn’t easily go poor in a method that it’s unsafe come drink if you keep it properly. Unless contaminants get into the bottle, it will certainly last fairly some time.

When it comes to an unopened party of tonic water, it normally lasts year after the date on the label.

If the party that’s a bit old looks perfect fine, the tonic is most most likely safe to drink and still bubbly. If that’s the case, to water some right into a glass, check the end its smell and look because that discolorations (e.g., yellowish tint).

If it looks and smells okay, provide it a taste and decide what to do with it based upon that. Provided that it tastes okay, feel free to usage the rest. Otherwise, simply pour it down the drain.

What around an opened bottle of tonic water that’s sitting in the fridge for a few days, you ask?

Start turn off by giving it a taste prior to preparing any kind of drinks. If it’s still bubbly, feel cost-free to use it. If the taste is level or watery, the cocktails more than likely won’t turn out as great as you’d like.

In the case, you deserve to either discard it for quality purposes or use it. It’s approximately you really, as the tonic will certainly be for sure to drink, however the flavor won’t be the great.

If you found an opened up bottle the tonic water that’s sitting in the room for who knows how long, simply toss it out.

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very same thing if your senses tell friend there’s other wrong v the beverage. The ideal list of indications of a product being spoiled won’t replace common sense and trusting her gut.