If you’re choose me, you don’t usage lemon juice that often. Girlfriend bought 2 bottles part time ago, v a plan to do lemonade or usage in a recipe. Currently you’re arranging your pantry, and also you notice that those 2 bottles space still there, unopened. And also both of them are previous their dates. Go lemon juice go bad?

You genuinely dislike wasting food, so you would lot rather usage the juice than discard it. However at the same time, friend don’t want to do anyone ailing from drinking your lemonade. For this reason it’s now or never. You either open and use the liquid or discard it. What’s the finest course of action here?

Quite possibly the way to go here is to learn a bit an ext about storage, shelf life, and also going bad of lemon juice. V this knowledge, friend will have the ability to make a well-informed selection about the liquid.

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How To keep Lemon Juice

You should store-bought lemon juice pretty much the same method you store other juices, choose apple juice or lime juice. The means it have to sit in a cool and dark area, away from resources of heat. If it’s a clean plastic bottle, make certain it’s far from the irradiate too. The pantry is the perfect place, yet a cabinet in the kitchen will carry out too.

Once you open up the bottle or container, very first and foremost make certain you keep that sealed tightly when not in use. Second, remember to store it in the fridge for ideal results.

While the store-bought range has some added preservatives, as well as the citric acid which is a preservative itself, at room temperature the quality of the juice degradation much much faster than in the fridge.

Freezing is likewise an alternative for lemon juice. If you freeze it utilizing ice cube trays, friend can quickly thaw as lot juice together you need for a recipe. Or throw a cube or two right into a glass the water, which provides a perfect refreshment top top a sweltering day.

When it involves fresh lemon juice, one of two people one girlfriend squeezed yourself, or one you’ve bought in the refrigerated section, friend should constantly keep it in the fridge.

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How lengthy Does Lemon Juice Last

Store-bought lemon juice marketed unrefrigerated is normally made from concentrate diluted v water come resemble the taste of actual lemon juice. Two very popular brands, specific Jif and ReaLemon develop their juices this way.

Besides the concentrate and also water, over there are also some preservatives (usually sulfites) included and the entirety thing is pasteurized come kill any bacteria that might have to be there. This production process makes the juice last quite some time, and also not require refrigeration when unopened.

Pretty much every bottle of lemon juice comes through a best-by or best-before date. That date tells you exactly how long, in ~ the an extremely least, the juice will stay fresh. Of course, that date is a quite conservative estimate, and you can expect the juice come retain quality for a couple of months longer. It’s difficult to call for exactly how long will it remain fine exactly, however you deserve to safely i think it’s about 3 come 6 months.

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Once you open up the bottle, the juice should still retain its top quality for quite some time. ReaLemon recommends introduce to the day on the label. So uneven the juice is nearing the date on the label, it need to still continue to be safe to use for about 6 to 12 months.

Now let’s move to freshly squeezed lemon juice, and the store-bought one sold refrigerated. Together juices usually have actually no preservatives, for this reason they don’t last that long.

For homemade lemon juice, you need to use it within 2 to 3 days. The store-bought one need to stay safe for a little bit longer, favor 4 to 5 days. Ideally, you constantly use all of the new juice ideal away, however that’s not always feasible.

Because the the really brief life of new lemon juice, it’s terrific candidate because that freezing. usage all the juice you need for lemonade or in a recipe and also freeze the rest. Following time you require some lemon juice, you just pop a cube or two from the freezer, and you’re good to go.

Bottled lemon juice (unopened)Best by + 3 – 6 months
Bottled lemon juice (opened)Best by or 6 – 12 months
Store-bought fresh lemon juice4 – 5 days
Freshly squeezed lemon juice2 – 3 days

Please keep in mind that all the periods over are estimates and for the ideal quality only.

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How come Tell If Lemon Juice Is Bad

Like with various other juices, lemon juice degrades in quality prior to it go bad.

For bottled lemon juice sold unrefrigerated the procedure is an extremely gradual. Little by little, the juice becomes worse. If you were to use the juice every day, friend wouldn’t notification those tiny changes at all. But if the bottle was left untouched because that a couple of months, the transforms are easier to notice.

It doesn’t smell that fresh, and the taste changes a bit too. At part point, you might find the the juice doesn’t seem good enough to use, and also that’s once you must throw that out. Exact same thing if you an alert any usual indications of spoilage, such as the smell being sourer 보다 it commonly is, changed color, mold present, or the juice seems tasteless.

Lemon halved
TipIf you’re around to usage old lemon juice in a small recipe, far better check its high quality before adding it. So friend don’t accidentally damage the whole thing by using spoiled lemon juice.

When it involves freshly squeezed lemon juice, every the guidelines above apply to it too. Other than that the degradation process is lot faster. Within a few days, the alters will be rather pronounced, and also you could prefer to discard the juice.

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Also, if the liquid appears to be perfect fine, however you already store it because that over a week, litter it out. The very first signs that spoilage are daunting to catch, and 7 work is quite a long time for fresh fruit juice. It’s much better to it is in safe than sorry.