Australia and the joined States reap a strong relationship that economic, academic and interpersonal ties. The United states - Australia complimentary Trade covenant boosted united state goods and services trade through Australia. Shippers indigenous Australia have several alternatives for shipping united state from Australia with many parcels being able come be cleared duty free.

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In this post, we comment on shipping the us from Australia:

Parcel shipping choices US indigenous AustraliaInternational shipping native Australian online merchantsUS customs clearance because that Australia-origin goods

Jet global provides logistics expertise (as confirmed by our sector leading blog articles) and an international parcel shipping solutions: including shipping native Australia come Canada and the US. For expert insights, a comparison quote or "out that the box" solution, contact Jet"s logistics professionals.

Disclaimer: The details in Jet worldwide online content, consisting of this post, is for general information only and is not intended to, constitute legit and/or taxation advice. Producers, shippers, exporters, importers should confirm their procedures with their customs brokers, carriers and also regulating authorities. All liability v respect to actions take away or not taken based upon the components of this website are hereby expressly disclaimed. The contents on this posting is noted “as is”; no representations are made that the content is error-free.



Options because that shipping parcels and also pallets


Shipping come the US v the Australian Post

The Australian short article office provides low-cost shipping of small parcels from Australia to the US. Many items sent via Australian write-up are imported and delivered come the us via the United says Postal organization (USPS). The maximum load for most Australian post services is 20 kilograms.

Australian write-up offers a low-cost option for people sending small parcels native Australia to the US.

The parcel services to the US available by Australian short article include:

Australian short article Courier: US delivery in 2 business daysAustralian express Parcel : US shipment in 4 business daysAustralian conventional Parcel: US delivery in 5 service daysAustralian economy Air Parcel: US shipment in 6 organization daysAustralian economic situation Sea Parcel: US distribution within 3 months

Get a to compare quote shipping come the us or Canada indigenous Australia

The Australian write-up is the best option for individuals shipping small parcels. For service providers shipping heavier parcels come the us from Australia, Jet global offers low-cost shipping alternatives from Australia to the US.

Get a quote for big parcel shipping (up to 100 kg) with Jet Worldwide.



Shipping to the us from Australia via FedEx and UPS

FedEx and UPS room the largest carriers in the USA and, together with DHL, offer trustworthy express parcel shipment from Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and also most the Australia. However, your services deserve to be high value for small and medium-sized customers.

FedEx and also UPS choices for shipping come the us from Australia include:

International wait express to the united state from AustraliaInternational economic situation air united state from Australia

Note: part carriers room capacity restricted due to pandemic related concerns which is restricting access to economy shipping alternatives to and also from APAC region.

Get a quote shipping USA native Australia

Shipping native Australia to the us via Jet Worldwide

Jet global provides fix up shipping options for parcels, pallets and online orders transport from Australia come the US. Contact Jet

Jet global provides low-cost delivery from Australia come the united state for larger parcels and special services for delivery to trade shows and also e-commerce parcels.




Shipping certified dealer in Australia assists with international handling

There are plenty of Australian residential merchants who do not send internationally. At Jet Worldwide, we get many requests from providers who wish to kinds for worldwide shipping from Australia to the US and Canada on your behalf. Jet global assists both American and also Canadian companies order indigenous Australia because that shipping and forwarding to the US and Canada. We need to note that minimum fees apply and this business is not designed for little consumer purchases.

Contact Jet come arrange come receive and also ship your Australian order to the US and also Canada.


US personalizeds (USCBP) clearance for parcels transport from Australia

Most parcels shipped united state from Australia deserve to be cleared duty complimentary if the asserted value is much less than USD 800. This entry type is referred to as a section 321 (see ar below).

Section 321 kind 86 entries have the right to be supplied by Australian e-commerce companies seeking low-cost duty-free clearance and also last-mile delivery.

Jet global offers a full variety of special services including specialized pickup (often requested for trade shows), low-cost US distribution from Australian companies, and high-volume e-commerce thoreau (section 321) clearance.

US customs type 3325 because that trade reflects items

If you great to send trade present related items, such as displays, friend must include a Customs form 3325.

Paperwork because that “Other federal government Agencies”

There room over 40 US government departments the have distinctive requirements crucial for your goods to clear customs. Typical other federal government or companion agencies include:

Department of transportation (DOT)Federal interactions Commission (FCC)Environmental Protection firm (EPA)Food and Drug administration (FDA)Fish and Wildlife

How valuation influence clearance to the USA

Customs entries come the USA can be extensively defined in 3 categories based upon value. However, it is necessary to think about the opportunity that your delivery may require approval from partner government agencies (see section above).

Less than us $2,500: Informal entry high-volume thoreau imports valued under us $2,500 advantage from streamlined "informal entry" processes but are subject to duty.Over united state 2,500: items valued over US$2,500 are subject to a Formal entry processes, Importers often designate your own customs broker come facilitate clearance on your behalf.



Shipping Ecommerce orders to the USA, Canada, UK and also E.U.

Online sellers in Australia can benefit from straight import to the USA, Canada, UK and also Europe via Jet an international direct shipping solutions. Contact Jet"s logistics team because that details on building direct shipping and also import remedies from Australia to the the world"s significant economies.

Shipping come Australia indigenous the US

Shippers native the US space increasingly searching for low-cost options for shipping to Australia. Jet an international partners with global carriers and also Australian and brand-new Zealand professionals to build e-commerce programs, reverse logistics and economy air shipping.

Getting quote because that shipping in between Australia and the USA

Jet global gives accessibility to all carriers seeking shipping quotes in between Australia and also and the us for parcels pallets, and online orders. Because that a quote, please provide:

Your firm name and also contact detailsShip from AddressShip come AddressWeight and dimensions of each pieceItem(s) being sentValue


For a quote for shipping digital orders, carry out details including shipping volume, item(s) gift shipped, median value and also weight of every parcel. The much more details the far better :).


Jet an international is backed by over 35 years of international logistics expertise. Our team offers transparency, recommend on finest practices (which often requires recommending alternative options) and also unique worldwide parcel shipping solutions.

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Reminder: The info in this blog is for general information only and provided “as is”; no representations are made that the content is error-free.