Sprinting is about 3 things: Strength, strength and Speed. If you desire to include all Olympic events, then you could as well add Endurance. 9 the end of the 10 occasions in the Decathlon is composed of Strength, Power and also Speed.

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So Crossfit is usually fitness by specializing in “not specializing” :)

Crossfit likes to break down their fitness right into these 10 categories:

cardiovascular endurancestaminastrengthflexibilitypowerspeedcoordinationagilitybalanceaccuracy

Thus Crossfit’s workouts are mostly HIIT (high-intensity interval training), Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, and running at every speeds. But the real secret to your success is a Cross-varied workout through Functional movements at High intensity in a neighborhood or society environment.

There is part similarities in the events, but Track & ar is all about achieving the best time or distance. Period.

My only caution versus Crossfit is doing high-rep Olympic lifts v maximal weights are just dangerous, and a recipe for major injuries.

There is a study based on 450 CrossFit participants end a one year period with a recognize of 56% injured. The malfunction is Shoulders (29%), lower ago (16%), knee (8%); 59% to be “overuse” injuries.

Now, in defence that CrossFit, monitor athletes gain injured too. Look in ~ me through my complete Achilles rupture!

So, is CrossFit good? Yes, yet it’s no for everyone.

How quick do CrossFit’ers operation 400m?

Over 2 years ago, i was motivated to write an article on CrossFit and the 400 meters. Brant Cebulla created an article on How quick do CrossFitters operation the 400m sprint? He posted his instructions right here for collection data and also the methodology.

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So when it involves Data Science, there is just one human to ask: Fabien Ngo. You can remember his name as he has posted numerous guest posts in the past.

In Cebulla’s data set, he provided over 5000 records, and also just focused on 400m times.

How around expanding that to end 70,000 records, and also include Clean & Jerk, Snatch, Squats and also the 400 meters?

There to be some hand-operated cleanup! (MS Excel is wonderful with sort and also delete) I got rid of all 400m times better than 180 sec (3 min) and anything less than 48 (Really?)

For weights, anything less than 20Kg is removed since that is the load of the bar!

For Open guys under 30 years old, and also 1057 results, we offered the median value as it will not count empty cells:


This looks reasonable, also though the squat at 160Kg is 3.5 key on every side (20kg plates)… and snatch need to be about 80% that Clean and Jerk. Outstanding numbers.

The full results?


Respect the 400 meters!

Looking at these 400m times, it’s fair to say that running the 400m does take it genetics and training, if you want to it is in state, provincial, or nationally ranked sprinter!

For example, in the UK alone (2017 rankings indigenous thepowerof10.info, men’s 400m time ranged native 44.74 to 53.0 through 982 men. The average (median) under 30 years old male Crossfitter walk 65 seconds! For women under 30, it’s 79 seconds.

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And it gets worse through age, obviously.

It’s additionally worth noting that we execute not understand when lock ran the 400m. To be it ~ an intense HIIT session? to be they fresh with a proper 1 hour warm up with drills and also strides?

I carry out my track workouts first, climate I do weights. Therefore my weight room numbers will never ever be as good compared to being fresh (or sadly, as soon as I’m injured and do weights only!)

Using a Scatter plot

In order to identify the outliers, take it a look making use of a scatter plot. You have the right to see part Crossfitters running a respectable short 50 or high 49 :) though I doubt most, if not all, of these times are manual hand times! and you understand my thoughts on hand time from previous posts :)


In terms of Clean and Jerk vs. Squat, this scatter plot doesn’t surprise me together there is a correlation in between these 2 events. Ns think 100kg C&J (2 plates) and a 140Kg Squat (3 plates) room respectable numbers, at the very least for a non-weightlifter :)

So over there you have it. Data science at it’s best. (Thanks Fabien for her work) Please post your comments below, or ~ above Facebook.

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