Modern calligraphy lies somewhere between basic writing skills and art. We all discover to compose from the age of 5 or so, and we’re likewise taught to handle a paintbrush and also knock out a reasonable snapshot of a cat by the moment we’re 7. Mastering either skill takes a little longer…

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Calligraphy is wherein writing and also illustration meet. We have the right to all write the letter shapes and also make castle look artistic – it’s the pen and nib which give them a the majority of their shape and also style – and with practice and also a tiny artistic flair us can attain a beautiful flow and grace to our lettering.

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It bring away 2 hours to discover the basics of contemporary calligraphy.

I’ve been teaching workshops that this size for a few years now; 99% the us learn to take care of the calligraphy pen in this time and make great letter shapes. The trick is in the pen and how the moves.

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By attending a calligraphy workshop you’ll see first hand exactly how to organize your pen at the exactly angle and also use push to make the simple strokes of contemporary calligraphy – and this bring away 2 hrs to do.

Most human being who involved my calligraphy workshops have actually never held a calligraphy pen before. By the end, virtually everyone is writing a confident and also shapely alphabet, and also every solitary student can write letters v beautiful thick swells and delicate hairline strokes, all set to go home and also practice in their own environment. Us all discover at different rates – some students need a little much more time than others, however everyone in mine classes has been qualified of gorgeous modern-day calligraphy lettering by the finish of the session