Email is typically really fast, yet there are several reasons it deserve to be legitimately delayed for hours, or perhaps also days.

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1. How long go e-mail delivery frequently take? What room the most common ranges?

2. Exactly how long go it actually take (more or less) for the mailer-daemon in ~ my e-mail hold (or whoever) to discover the addressee mailbox is full, the receiver is unknown or otherwise undeliverable? (such as attend to misspelled)

3. Wherein the receiver data appears valid, just how long will the mailer-daemon in ~ my e-mail hold (or whoever) keep trying?

Answers to these questions can be of general interest come people frequently replying to pen pals.

I’m guessing the really just the answer to #1 that most human being will be interested in, but I’ll fight the various other two as well.

People have high expectation of email, and also most the the time, those expectations are met.

However, what’s taken into consideration “allowed behavior” may surprise you.

Email delivery speed

Computers are fast, and the web is fast, therefore it’s no surprised that many of the time, email is fast. That not uncommon for email to it is in delivered and also ready come be review or download in mere seconds of the sender hitting “Send”.

A couple of minutes is probably an ext common.

A few hours is rather possible.

Here’s the surprise, though: a few days is also possible, and quite acceptable behavior.

Your email might take seconds, or it can take days. Most of the time, delivery is closer to seconds than days, and also we’re typically happy with the moment it takes for email to gain from suggest A to allude B.

Delays happen

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A question and also a comment:

1.- Is an ext common for an e-mail to be late as result of the cross from one cost-free e-mail service to another, i mean, is regular or more common, because that an e-mail indigenous a GMail user come a Hotmail user come be late or considered as Spam, 보다 if it comes from a user of the same free service?

I questioning this due to the fact that i’ve heard too many of civilization saying things prefer “Hotmail don’t prefer ro get mails from GMail accounts” or “This two companies have actually issues…” and i would favor to hear some an ext technical opinion…

2.- i have Used totally free Hotmail for more than 10 years, Yahoo! for choose 5 years and also GMail since it started, E-mail is periodically a small late, but it’s way far better than phone call or SMS services in mine country. And also it deserve to be free.

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I know civilization like come think the the email service providers are somehow purposely blocking or delaying each other, however in my endure that’s no the case. Blocks and delays happen most often due to attempts to avoid spam, or simple failures, and also are no targeted at specific providers.