If not used, tires last for 6-10 years, depending on the storage and also environmental conditions. Overall, the time boundaries for save on computer tires are lot the exact same as because that tires that are being used. The nationwide Highway web traffic Safety management (NHTSA) and official manufacturers suggest a tires is only 100% for sure to use till it transforms 5-6 years old. However, some admit the a tire can be operable approximately 10 year if you inspect it for worries annually after the fifth year.

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What have the right to Make Tires critical Less: factors Tire Aging relies On

The time that stored tires critical is influenced by two teams of factors:

Environmental conditionsStorage conditions.

Environmental Conditions

This group contains oxygen, ultraviolet (UV) light, ozone, and heat damage.


Oxygen is the main element responsible for rubber deterioration, as it division rubber under from both outside and inside. Most tires are inflated with compressed air, i beg your pardon is 21% oxygen. So, uneven UV and ozone damage, the process of oxidation is double as fast.

Special antioxidant compound are supplied in rubber, however they just slow the aging process down. If the polymer structure gets transformed by oxygen in any way, it results in rubber deterioration.

Source: Nitrogen2go.comUV Light

When tires space exposed to sunlight, the rubber instantly starts soaking up UV radiation. The process is the exact same with both natural and also synthetic polymers, which make up rubber compounds. The procedure of deterioration, because of the impact of UV, is called photo degradation.

Tire manufacturers shot to hit this v the aid of carbon black. It’s a complete that is placed on a tire and absorbs sunlight, transforming it right into heat. However, any shield loser its capability to stabilize UV radiation after some time. So, the rubber is ultimately exposed to the terrible rays, and the tires last for much less time.


In brief, ozone is a form of oxygen with an extra atom in it, which have the right to be discovered in the stratosphere and troposphere. The kind of ozone the is destructive to rubber is usually a result of manmade pollution. The affect of the gas top top tires was first noticed in the 1950s, through rubber deteriorating much faster in large cities 보다 in little towns.

Cracks led to by ozone and weather impact. Picture source: waterloohonda.com

Tire manufacturers shot to fight ozone damage by putting special compounds in the products they produce. These waxes and oils can help if the tires is gift used, meaning that the compounds are brought closer to the surface. However, together there’s no circulation when tires are merely stored, the compounds end up being useless and tires nothing last as long.

It’s crucial to remember that cracks indigenous ozone influence are irreparable.


Heat, combined with oxygen, speeds up rubber aging through the procedure of thermo-oxidative degradation. According to NHTSA study data, tires last less time in hotter climates, and consequentially, they fail quicker, no issue whether they room ridden or stored.

Storage Conditions

This group consists of temperature and light, ozone exposure, humidity, and deformation.

Temperature and Light

It’s recommended to keep tires in a cool place, preferably not warmer 보다 77 F and also not chillier than 32 F. The storage should also hide the tires from direct sunlight or strong artificial light, as both normally emit UV.

Ozone Exposure

Tires have to be stored in a location without ozone-producing equipment, which has electric motors, fluorescent lamps, generators, etc. Anything that deserve to make electric discharges has to be taken away from the room. Excess exposure to ozone can reason cracking when any type of pressure is applied.


There must be no water bodies or any kind of other source of humidity near or in ~ the warehouse room. If exposed to extreme humidity, tires last for less time – they end up being covered v condensation, i beg your pardon is highly undesirable. Liquids are also potential sources of ozone, which is destructible because that rubber.

Flat point out on a tire resulted in by storing being mounted. Photo source: ford-trucks.comDeformation

Tires have to not be stored placed or inflated, yet vertically ~ above a slightly elevated surface. Such a position will placed the least amount of pressure on the tire. If it’s impossible to keep them vertically as there is also many and also not enough room, make sure the heap isn’t higher than 6 feet. In together a case, yes no too much pressure put on the sidewalls that the bottom tire. Deformed tires will not restore their kind when pressurized – top top the contrary, they may break.

How to save Tires to make Them critical Longer

There are details things you have the right to do to improve storing conditions and also make your tires last longer:

Clean them prior to storing.If the tires were currently mounted, clean them v a brush and wash through water and soap, dry afterwards. This will help you store undesirable contaminants and also excess humidity the end of the tire’s surface. Also, nothing apply any tire dressings after the cleaning, as all essential compounds are currently in the rubber.Don’t keep them placed on a loaded vehicle.If you intend to save a vehicle, make certain to take it the tires off it. The push from the fill will stretch and deform the rubber, making her tires age quicker.Put tires in airtight plastic bags.
Tire totes.

After they are clean and dry, put each tires in an airtight plastic bag – this will keep the oil from evaporating. You need to make certain you take it as much air out as possible and nearby the bag tightly.

Use tires totes.For an ext convenience in storing and carrying, use tire totes, yet remember that they aren’t airtight. A an excellent way to against this is to placed the tires in bags first, and then use tire totes.Keep UV, humidity, and also ozone away.Store tires in a cool dry place without potential resources of ozone or strong, straight light. This will keep the main environmental hazards away. The best means to do tires last longer is to placed them into a climate-controlled room.Store castle white-to-white, black-to-black.If friend stack many tires together, placed white parts versus the white, so no to stain them. The rubber offered for the side through white parts and the black side might have various compounds. And as the oil from the tire’s black color side have the right to migrate come the white parts, it’s far better to stack color to color.Don’t cave them uneven mounted.If you keep your tires placed on wheels, you deserve to hang lock without any kind of doubts. However, if the tire isn’t mounted, you must never hang it for a long time, as it will deform. Also, if the tires are an installed and you don’t desire to hang them, it’s much better to save them stacked.

Why Tires age Even If They’re not Used?

A tires business time expires because of the rubber aging, together the product is constantly exposed come oxygen that provides the particles come to be harder and less flexible. Together a result, the rubber beginning to cracked outside and inside, which may reason tread or stole cord separation and also complete tires failure.

Furthermore, stored tires last because that a minimal amount of time as they aren’t lubricated. As soon as you ride a tire, the heated oil within that circulate and grease the rubber, preventing premature drying. As soon as it’s in storage, the oils and also emollients dried out, causing recognized consequences. Due to the fact that even long-lasting rubber eventually ages, it’s recommended to not use a 10+ year old tire. To learn an ext about how regularly you have to buy new tires, read this post.

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It’s very important to recognize the period of the tire you store by reading the date password on that is sidewall. Remember, the period is counted from the year that manufacture, not the date you to buy it. If you buy a tire the was save in a shop for 5 years, you might be wasting your money.