Breakfast is cooked, and there’s a delicious heap of bacon on the respond to waiting to it is in eaten.

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Now, there’s simply the issue of what to perform with every one of the leftover bacon grease.

Using bacon grease to saute vegetables or potatoes will add a rich, braided flavor, and keeps waste to a minimum. Unfortunately, there are only so plenty of meals you can make in ~ once.

It seems prefer such a dead to waste it all, yet can bacon grease go bad?

Congealed bacon grease, prepared to be used

Can Bacon Grease walk Bad?

Like all fats, bacon grease will ultimately spoil, though if save properly, this won’t be for quite some time.

Refrigerated bacon grease will certainly stay an excellent in the refrigerator for up to 6 months, and also can be offered in location of butter or cooking oil in plenty of dishes.

Frying bacon, numerous grease

Storing bacon grease is actually rather simple.

After cooking the bacon, let it cool for a little until it has reached room temperature and also then strain out the solid pieces of bacon v either a sieve or cheesecloth. Pour the continuing to be grease in a container, and also seal.

If the grease solidifies before it have the right to be poured, merely reheat the pan ~ above low heat until the grease becomes liquid again.

You may add more bacon grease come the container every time you chef bacon, yet be sure to strain the end the bigger pieces. It’s most likely that sediment will still remain, however this will loss to the bottom the the container together the grease cools.

Still warmth bacon grease from just-cooked bacon

Signs that Spoilage

Rancidity is the number one sign that bacon grease has spoiled.

If the grease has a rancid odor, it has likely gone bad and should be discarded. Bacon grease will certainly go rancid in ~ room temperature far quicker than it will certainly in a cold, dark place, so warehouse is important.

While unlikely, it’s possible that mold could show up on bacon grease that has been left also long. If there’s any kind of sign the mold growth, the grease must not be consumed.

To prevent any kind of sort of pollution that could lead to mold growth, make certain you are constantly using a clean, dry utensil to portion out the bacon grease.

Fresh, still warmth bacon grease top top a tablespoon

Freezing Bacon Grease

As bacon grease is completely fat, it will freeze quite well for up to a year. Pour strained grease into a temperature safe, airtight container and also freeze.

To thaw, location the sealed container in her refrigerator overnight. Thawed bacon grease should be supplied within a few days.

Prepping because that scrambled eggs on bacon grease

Refreezing bacon grease that has been s is not recommended (though possible), together the recurring temperature transforms will readjust the taste and also potentially do the grease walk rancid a bit quicker.

Bacon grease lasts rather a while, you more than likely don’t must freeze it.

For much easier use, frozen bacon grease in an ice cube tray, then deliver cubes to an airtight container.

This can additionally be accomplished by cooling the grease in a container till it is a scoopable consistency, then utilizing a melon baller to portion out balls the fat into an airtight container.

This way, the grease is already portioned and can be provided for cooking, directly from the freezer.

Bacon grease melt on a frying pan

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