Crested Geckos are listed as a fragile species, assumed to be extinct until 1994 when a new population of them was found living in new Caledonia. Fiddle of these animals isn’t permitted anymore, but there room now large breeding work in the joined States and also Europe, meaning Crested Geckos are coming to be less rarely and much more sought after in the pet trade.

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Crested Geckos are highly prized for their laid-back personalities and comfort being tackled by people, no to cite the wide variety of color morphs that present up in the species. We’ve compiled this diet and also growth details to assist you recognize what come expect once you decide to lug a Crested Gecko into your home.

Facts around Crested Geckos

Like various other lizards, Crested Geckos deserve to drop your tails if they feeling threatened. However, your tails will certainly never prosper back, leaving them through a nub tail. Crested Geckos room nocturnal, so you will likely not see much of your brand-new pet throughout the day. This lizards are known for their jumping abilities, so care should be taken when taking care of them to make sure they don’t escape or hurt themselves. If you notice your Crested Gecko licking its eyeballs, it’s due to the fact that this is how they keep their eye moistened! Crested Geckos require tall enclosures since they love come climb and also jump. Height is much more important 보다 the width or floor room in your enclosure. If you view your Crested Gecko eat its shed, don’t worry! This is completely normal.
AgeWeightBody size with Tail
Hatchling1.5-2 grams2.5-3 inches
Baby (2 months)3 grams3-4 inches
Juvenile (3 months)4 grams3-5 inches
Juvenile (4 months)5 grams4-6 inches
Juvenile (5 months)7 grams4-6 inches
Juvenile (6 months)9 grams5-7 inches
Juvenile (9 months)16-35 grams6-9 inches
Juvenile transitioning come adult (12 months)35-50 grams9-16 inches
Adult (18-24+ months)35-55+ grams9-16+ inches


When perform Crested Geckos reach Their full Size?

Crested Geckos generally reach their full size between 12-24 months, although periodically this can take approximately 3 years. Crested Geckos are taken into consideration to be sexually mature adult at 35 grams, which normally happens roughly 12-18 months.

Diet, temperature, and humidity all have a direct influence on how conveniently your Crested Gecko bring away to reach its full size. They space all unique individuals, though, definition they will develop at various rates and reach different full adult size.

everyday or every various other day: Gut-loaded crickets, dubia roaches, or soldier fly larvae 2-3 times/week: Calcium flour Weekly: Reptile multivitamin if recommended by veterinarian
Daily: Fruit prefer raspberries, papaya, oranges, figs 2-3 times/week: Fruit choose berries, apples, grapes, watermelon, pears, cherries; Greens favor escarole and dandelion greens; Vegetables prefer okra, carrots, butternut squash; Calcium or Calcium + Vitamin D3; gut-loaded insects (if gecko is healthy and balanced weight) Weekly: Fruit prefer pomegranate, plums, pumpkin, cantaloupe, bananas, peaches; gut-loaded insects (if gecko is overweight) Biweekly: Reptile multivitamin if encourage by veterinarian
Note: Crested Geckos that are fed gut-loaded insects have tendency to with adulthood quicker than those that space not. Nutritional deficiencies related to calcium and also inadequate protein have the right to stunt growth. Excess sugar intake have the right to lead come obesity.

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Daily: High-quality food pre-mix choose Repashy Crested Gecko Mix or Pangea Gecko Diet Supplemental: human being baby food like bananas, apricots, peaches, pears, and squash have the right to be offered in ar of fresh fruits or can be mixed into pre-mix food
Temperature: Enclosure temperature in between 75-78°F with proper humidity will usually cause the finest growth rates. Genetics: It’s not a guarantee, however Crested Geckos from bigger parents will likely be big in adulthood, while little parents may produce small adult offspring. Dehydration: Geckos that obtain dehydrated will eat less, sweet less, and grow slower. Ideal humidity in the enclosure will assist prevent dehydration, as well as ensuring your Crested Gecko has access to clean water every the time. Incubation Period: Geckos with an incubation period of 80-100 days have tendency to flourish larger much faster than those with much shorter incubation periods. This is since the lower the flower weight, the more complicated it will be for the hatchling to eat an adequate amount that food. This can be since they have difficulty chewing food or because larger hatchlings get to the food first.