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Our mrs setter Tess, had her first heat in ~ 12 months. She was entirely adorable throughout this time, the hormones making her even much more affectionate and also sweet than normal. But that"s a next note. Mine question requires what wake up next. Because her heat, her nipples and mammary glands have remained rather swollen. I"m quite specific she is no pregnant together we were extremely cautious in maintaining her and also Josey, our undamaged male physically separated at every times. We placed them both in crates if us were not home, and if we were home, one was constantly in a crate and both to be under our straight supervision. (we had read lock can also mate with a crate)Anyway, I"m just wondering...- how common are false pregnancies?- just how long ~ the heat would one see signs of a false pregnancy?- anything rather anyone deserve to tell united state that we don"t also know to ask!I"ve had dogs every my life, but never before have had intact animals. I flourished up v the "spay-neuter" mantra and still think in that for all the an excellent reasons. The reason our masculine is undamaged is that he was possibly a an useful breeding dog. We never set out to have a stud dog, but sort finished up gaining him from a an excellent breeder and also the Llewellin setter being a reasonably rare breed, we were counseled by his breeder come keep alternatives open. That is a lengthy story, yet suffice it to say that he to be making the reduced as far as hips and also such, up until I had actually his thyroid checked and he came up hopeful for the auto-antibodies. Its a heritable problem so he"s out of the to run as much as I"m concerned. We may at this suggest neuter him.As much as the woman goes, we have actually never planned come let her have puppies, (leaving the breeding decisions come those who really know what they room doing) but we decided to let her mature fully before spaying, ie have one heat. There is a details amount of info out there concerning skeletal advancement and so forth that counters the timeless benefits on reduce mammary cancer risk. Perhaps we just wanted the difficulty of taking care of a woman in warm with an undamaged male in the house! LOL! It was an adventure because that sure.All this is to define why ns am clueless around intact females and what to intend after a heat.

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My knowledge is we have to wait a pair of months after the heat then acquire her spayed. So far about 3 weeks have actually elapsed.