For a dove species, the diamond dove is how amazing small, however eye capturing nevertheless, specifically with its influential red eye ring. Many find that soft cooing a pleasant different to a boisterous parrot.

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Native region / herbal HabitatCare & FeedingPersonality & BehaviorSpeech & SoundHealth & usual ConditionsGet a Diamond Dove
Ring-Necked Dove
The diamond dove is so named due to the fact that of the numerous white point out dotting its upper wingsDiamond doves are one of the smallest dove types in Australia

The diamond dove is a tiny, delicate-looking bird whose human body is about the dimension of a lovebird, however with a long, slim tail. The nominate bird, or the shade of the bird most often found in nature, is a darkish-gray through white specks top top the wings, though there are currently mutations, consisting of white and also silver. The diamond dove is dimorphic, definition that there is a visible difference between the sexes: both sexes have actually a red eye-ring, despite the male’s ring is larger. This makes pairing easy, i m sorry is a plus because that the start hobbyist.

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Native an ar / natural Habitat


The diamond dove is native to Australia, wherein they are found in the dry deserts in the north and central parts the Australia.

Care & Feeding

Doves have different housing needs than parrots. Doves space unable to climb up the cage bars favor parrots can; rather they move about by flying ago and forth, which renders a wide cage an important feature. Diamond doves spend a great part of their day ~ above the ground for this reason they should have actually plenty the room come walk about. Market a range of perch styles and of varying diameters, i beg your pardon will help promote an excellent foot health in her dove. Doves likewise need avenues for bathing.

Doves, uneven parrots, perform not crush your seed v their beak, and also will need some grit in their diet. Feeding a an excellent seed mixture, and also offer lot of of greens and also soft fruits. A well-cooked hardboiled egg and also egg food will be evaluate during breeding time. This birds will certainly breed well in an open nest, a bit bigger than a canary’s nest, through a liner and nesting product added. Make sure to remainder your birds for a few months every two clutches, or risk exhausting your birds, lessening their lifespan. Save your doves in as big a cage as you have the right to afford; because your doves may never leave the cage, it’s vital that you provide for as lot exercise as possible. A hen the can’t exercise may become egg bound and also die. This birds room reported come live for approximately 10 years when cared-for properly.

Personality & Behavior

Diamond doves will not necessarily desire to interact with you, uneven you purchase a hand-fed bird, or you hand-feed her pair’s babies yourself. This birds are content to be together and also breed. They space gentle, and also will no bite you as soon as handled. Diamond doves are not appropriate pets because that children, who may want a bird the they can hold and also pet. These birds execute well in a garden aviary setting where they have the right to fly and also interact through nature and one another. Beware of adding larger or more aggressive birds, however, due to the fact that your doves execute not have the capability to defend themselves versus them. This birds are social and if they space not bonded to people, lock will require a dove companion.

Speech & Sound

Doves space not normally loud bids, though you will hear some cooing from your pair. If girlfriend are provided to a louder, parrot-type bird, you will certainly be pleased at the relative absence of noise from her doves. These birds are an excellent for one older person or one apartment dweller that wants to very own birds, however may not want the noise the accompanies them. Remember, just like all birds, the much more you have, the louder they will be — this is specifically important to remember with doves, as they will certainly breed you the end of house and also home if girlfriend let them!

Health & typical Conditions

Doves are susceptible come red mites, i m sorry hide throughout the day and come out at night to feed on the bird’s blood, and also doves housed outdoors room susceptible come roundworms, tapeworms and also other worm species. Canker, a respiratory disease that mirrors as a ede in the dove’s throat and a cheesy looking growth approximately the mouth, deserve to be fatal if no treated. Those who keep pigeons need to wash their hands after ~ handling, feeding or cleaning the dove’s housing due to the fact that doves can transfer Chlamydia and Salmonella (bacterial infections) to people. Overall, doves are generally healthy and balanced birds.

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Get a Diamond Dove

The diamond dove is a favourite of novices and fanciers alike due to the fact that of its small stature, beautiful appearance, and also the reality that the is fairly easy to keep. Initially from Australia, diamond doves have the right to be easily uncovered in pets shops and also breed reasonably readily, making them a an excellent choice for the bird hobbyist as well. They are finest kept in pairs, as they will not appreciate human interaction, but much favor the agency of another bird.