I have a bottle of Exotico blanco tequila the was opened just under a year ago. I've just drank down to the bottom the the neck for this reason far.

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How lengthy do I have until I start having concerns with oxidation? I just recently got into homemade cocktails, so i am hope to use it up within the next 6 months. Will that be sufficient time before there are any type of issues?

For one unopened bottle, the shelf life is indefinite, right?


6 month is fine. The an interpretation of "life" is indefinite--when will you an alert a readjust in taste?

Certainly, due to the fact that the bottle is mostly full, there hasn't been much air in the bottle to reason much oxidation.

The much more air in the bottle, the greater rate that oxidation. The said, you'll be fine at 6 months, and also you're likely to no ever notification a distinction on Exotico.

Darker liquors generally readjust flavor much faster than lighter. An opened bottle the vodka or gin most likely won’t have any flavor transforms for years. Some could even speak never.

Darker liquors favor whiskey and also reposado or anejo tequila will change the flavor much quicker since they have more facility flavors that are prone to change. Periodically a bottle transforms in a great way, periodically it just tastes different, and also sometimes it gets worse.

I’d say you may an alert a distinction after the 1yr mark. The an ext empty a bottle is, the an ext you’ll notice changes.

I read about the 6 month marker when I first got right into tequila, however I think ns worried about it unnecessarily.

I recognize mezcal could be different, but just critical week I started opening a bunch that my bottles that i didnt arrangement on consuming soon due to the fact that the consensus is that the oxidation is a desirable affect...mellows the a bit, make the alcohol notes less prominent, bringing nuances forward.

...actually, I just made a mental connection. Numerous tequilas I've tried have an alcohol bite...so if the bite has actually faded due to oxidation, and there isn't as lot character exterior of the alcohol (see mezcal vs tequila complexity), perhaps it feels like the whole spirit has actually faded in an undesirable way.

Either way, I'm no dogging ~ above tequila. I know a lot of converts speak they'll never ever go earlier to tequila, yet while I choose mezcal, i still uncover enjoyment in a an excellent quality tequila.

For an open up bottle the shelf life deserve to be indefinite as well. As long as that is sealed correctly so the alcohol doesn't evaporate and also stored far from heat, the doesn't go bad. I have actually bottles that have been open for over 10 years that taste, come me, as they did when they to be opened. Man-made corks and also screw tops space the best for storage as real cork often tends to dried out.

This could be true for many of the spirits, yet tequila is much more susceptible to change in taste and also typically because that the worse after opening. The said, you might not notification it if you're inexperienced, yet I have the right to say my party of 1942 sat almost empty because that 1+ year and the last couple of drinks weren't stellar by any means.

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