So you’ve purchased sauerkraut and you only add a spoon or 2 in your diet and suddenly simply realized that it will certainly take part time ‘til you finish the entirety pack.

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At some suggest in her life, maybe you start to ask yourself, walk sauerkraut walk bad?

Do you desire to know the answer? If yes, then check out on. In this post, we will discuss if sauerkraut goes.

But as well as that, we will certainly also add other relevant details such as exactly how to store it, just how long go sauerkraut last, and how to tell if it has actually gone bad.

Let’s acquire started.

What is Sauerkraut Anyway?


Sauerkraut is a cabbage that is chopped finely which has been maintained in saltwater.

Further, it to be made together a method to save extra cabbages transparent the wintertime.

Sauerkraut, on the other hand, is fermented using different lactic acid bacteria. Together a matter of fact, this food has actually a lengthy life shelf life.

Moreover, this fermented cabbage product is really popular because it’s well-off in Vitamin C. And unlike fresh cabbage, Sauerkraut is an ext digestible (source).

Other than that, this fermented foodstuffs will aid you in digesting other foods items a lot easier.

However, the most significant benefit of that it will last a long time most particularly if you keep it properly.

Unlike a homemade fermented cabbage, sauerkraut the is readily accessible on the save has fabricated flavors and also colors as well as added chemicals.

That is why, if you desire to eat sauerkraut that is free from these ingredients, then think about making it at home.

Does Sauerkraut go Bad? how Long go Sauerkraut Last?


If the sauerkraut is kept under an optimal storage problem it will certainly last for several months.

However, if you desire to store it for a longer duration of time climate you require to collection the temperature of your freezer right into 36 degrees.

On the other hand, sauerkraut that is vinegar-based will likewise last for months, whereas, assets that are made with meat juices or fats, and salt brine, will certainly spoil more rapidly.

Sauerkraut that is not refrigerated have to be consumed through a month of opening because room temperature air causes it to dry and drop that flavor.

However, it can stay it in the unopened contained until you are all set to consume it, the course before its best by date.

When retained under a favorable condition and made carefully, homemade sauerkraut big for more than one year particularly if you location the sealed seasoned in boiling water. Bu box sauerkraut has actually a longer shelf life.

Thought sauerkraut has actually a longer life, it will go negative as well specifically if it’s not kept in pickle solutions.

The vinegar will certainly act as a organic preservative and antibacterial agent.

In fact, the poor liquid will cause the sauerkraut to dried out and lose that is flavor and also turn the shade into brown.

If you notification these, it is extremely recommended the you throw your fermented cabbage as quickly as possible.

A few days after ~ the expiration date, you can still usage it IF over there is no mold breakthrough as well together a negative smell.

How come Tell If Sauerkraut Is Bad? Sauerkraut Shelf Life!

The complying with are several of the obvious signs the your sauerkraut has actually gone bad.


Sauerkraut will have actually a darkened color due to the fact that it is exposed to air or that is kept over the saltwater. But in this case, you deserve to still consume the rest safely by removing the darkened color properly.

On the other hand, if you notice greenish-blue specks on peak of her pickles, her sauerkraut has end up being moldy and also it’s no much longer safe to consume.


Another authorize that your sauerkraut has actually gone negative is that its texture becomes weird. If this happens make certain to dispose the quickly.


When you smell the sauerkraut make certain it must not smell rancid and give foul odors. That is why if the odor is quite various than what you room expecting, the time to throw it in the bin.


If the fermented cabbage smells and at the same time watch good, but it is in the respond to for a long time go ahead and also then taste it.

If the taste is unpleasant, nothing eat it since there is a opportunity that the sauerkraut might have rotate soft and also drop several of its flavors.

However, this no necessarily median that you can not eat it due to the fact that it’s still for sure to consume and also edible.

How to keep Sauerkraut Properly?


Keeping the in the refrigerator is among the best ways to store sauerkraut. In fact, refrigeration will aid in inhibiting the advancement of bacteria and minimizing the opportunity of spoilage.

This food doesn’t store in humid and also hot settings well, this is why you must store that in cold storage.

Actually, by just storing the in your refrigerator, friend will be able to extend that is life even more.

When save on computer sauerkraut, you can utilize its initial pack. However if the is canned sauerkraut, you must transfer it come a plastic or glass container. Take it note, can be ~ aren’t an ideal for refrigeration.

However, the container need to be closeup of the door tightly after making use of it because the cabbage may possibly dried out.

Either way, we execute not recommend storing this fermented product in ~ room temperature.

Even despite the pickling solution might possibly expand the vegetable’s life, the storage life will not be as long as result of the unbalanced temperature.

And simply like any other foods, you can freeze this as well. However it is worth stating that freezing isn’t indispensable at all, due to the fact that refrigeration is enough in stimulate to expand the product’s life. In addition to that, freezing might possibly readjust the flavor and also texture that sauerkraut.

Defrosted and frozen sauerkraut will be together delicious together sauerkraut the is refrigerated. But, if you desire to freeze the food, make sure to transport it a container the is freezer-safe.

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Nevertheless, you can likewise leave your sauerkraut on her kitchen counter. Note, that won’t make the food bad, instead, it will become soft.