This means they need to be retained in the frozen fridge to stop them native going bad.

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However, eggs deserve to last for a surprisingly lengthy time once they’re stored properly. In fact, if you litter eggs the end as shortly as your expiration date arrives, you may be wasting money.

This article covers whatever you need to know about how lengthy eggs last prior to going bad.

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In the united state and certain other countries, including Australia, Japan, Sweden and also the Netherlands, eggs need refrigeration (1).

This is due to the fact that eggs in these countries are washed and also sanitized shortly after they are laid in an effort to prevent pollution with Salmonella, the bacteria frequently responsible because that food poisoning indigenous poultry assets (2, 3).

Yet in enhancement to remove bacteria, washing an egg may damages its naturally protective cuticle. This have the right to make it less complicated for bacteria to move through the shell and contaminate the egg (2, 4).

The existence of bacteria within an egg is what eventually reasons it come “go bad,” or rot.

However, keeping an egg in ~ refrigerator temperatures (below 40°F, or 4°C) slow the growth of bacteria and also helps avoid it native penetrating the covering (5, 6).

In fact, refrigeration is so reliable at controlling the expansion of bacteria that in mix with one egg’s security shell and also enzymes, refrigerated eggs rarely go bad as long as they have actually been handled and also stored properly.

Nevertheless, egg quality declines over time. This means that the air pocket in an egg grow larger and also the yolk and also whites come to be thinner and less springy. Eventually, it may simply dry up rather of walking bad.

Despite these changes, an egg may remain perfectly safe to eat because that a long time (7).

Eggs won’t stay an excellent forever though, and there is a suggest at i beg your pardon you’ll desire to litter them away.

Summary: Eggs rarely go bad if they have actually been tackled properly and also are stored in the refrigerator. However, castle will decline in top quality over time, and also you’ll want to throw them far at some point.

If eggs have actually been transported and stored properly, they deserve to last for countless weeks in the refrigerator and even longer in the freezer (8, 9).

The Food and Drug management (FDA) needs all egg to be kept below 45°F (7°C) from the moment they space washed until they space purchased — however it’s simply as vital that eggs are handled and also stored appropriately after did you do it bought them.

This way you must refrigerate eggs conveniently to stop condensation from building up, which can facilitate the motion of bacteria with the covering (7).

Ideally, eggs must be save on computer in their original carton in the ago of the fridge. This stays clear of them from soaking up odors and protects them indigenous temperature fluctuations together the frozen refrigerator door is opened and also closed (2, 7).

You can likewise use a thermometer to inspect that your refrigerator is at the suitable temperature (below 40°F or 4°C) (10).

This chart explains how long eggs have the right to be stored prior to going negative or becoming so low in quality (taste and texture) that it’s ideal to litter them out (7, 10).

ItemRoom TemperatureRefrigeratorFreezer
In-shell egg, freshLess than 2 hours in the U.S., Japan, Australia, Sweden or the Netherlands; 1–3 weeks in various other countries4–5 weeksNot recommended
Raw egg yolksLess 보다 2 hours2–4 days1 year for finest quality
Raw egg whitesLess than 2 hours2–4 days1 year for ideal quality
Hard-boiled eggLess 보다 2 hours1 weekNot recommended
Egg instead of or pasteurized liquid eggsLess 보다 2 hours10 job unopened, 3 work after openingUp to 1 year for ideal quality; no recommended if opened
EggnogLess 보다 2 hours3–5 job if bought, 2–4 days if homemade6 months; not recommended to frozen homemade eggnog
CasserolesLess 보다 2 hours3–4 days2–3 months once baked
Pies or quichesLess 보다 2 hours3–4 days1–2 months once baked; no recommended because that pies through custard filling

It is no recommended come freeze egg in the shell. If you want to maintain them for much longer than the encourage 45 main in the fridge, you can crack them right into a freezer-safe container and keep lock frozen for a year or more.

Eggs can be stored in the freezer indefinitely, yet their top quality will start to decrease after a specific point. Additionally, make certain your freezer is listed below 0° F (-18° C) (10).

When you’re ready to usage them, move the container come the refrigerator come thaw and use within one week.

If you live external of the united state in a nation where hens room vaccinated versus Salmonella and also eggs are not washed and also refrigerated, eggs have the right to safely be kept at room temperature because that 13 weeks, if preferred (11).

However, after about 1 week in ~ room temperature, the eggs’ top quality will begin to decline. And after around 21 days, an egg’s organic defenses will shed their performance (11, 12).

Eggs have the right to be inserted in the frozen fridge or freezer after ~ this suggest to prolong their shelf life, yet they will not last as lengthy as eggs that have actually been preserved in the refrigerator native purchase.

If you live in the us or one more country wherein eggs need to be refrigerated, eggs must not be left at room temperature for much more than 2 hrs (7).

To learn much more about why eggs in the US should be refrigerated when those in other nations don’t, check out this article.

Summary: fresh eggs have the right to be maintained for 3–5 weeks in the refrigerator or around one year in the freezer. Keep them in the initial carton far from the door that the fridge to keep quality.

If you’re no sure how long her eggs have been in the fridge, there room several ways to tell whether they space still an excellent or not.

The first step have to be to examine the sell-by or expiration date printed on the carton. If the present date is before this date, you’ve acquired nothing to issue about.

Alternatively, look for the fill date.

This will certainly be printed as a 3-digit number that corresponds to the job of the year that the eggs were washed and packaged. Because that example, January 1 is 001. If the eggs are less than 30 days from the pack date, you have the right to be certain they’re still an excellent (7).

However, her eggs might still be good for increase to several weeks beyond these dates. In this case, the best means to phone call if an egg has gone bad is to command a sniff test.

Other methods, such together candling or the to rise test, deserve to only tell you if one egg is fresh however not if it has gone poor (7).

Before conducting a sniff test, examine if the shell has any kind of cracks or a powdery or slimy appearance. If so, toss the egg. If whatever looks good, crack the egg open up on a clean, white plate before using. Examine for any kind of discoloration or a funny smell.

An egg that has actually gone poor will offer off an unmistakable odor. If every little thing looks normal and also the egg has no smell, then it is fine to use.

However, it’s crucial to note that egg contaminated v the bacteria Salmonella might look and also smell totally normal, also though they have the right to make you sick (7).

Therefore, be sure to cook eggs come a safe internal temperature the 160°F (71°C) in order come kill any kind of bacteria that may be present.

Read this write-up to discover out much more about exactly how to tell if an egg is good or bad.

Summary: If an egg is past the sell-by or expiration date, it might still be an excellent to use. Crack the egg ~ above a clean, white plate. If it looks and smells normal, then it’s okay to use.

If your eggs are not the freshest yet haven’t gone bad, there are certain ways to ideal use them. Likewise, over there are specific uses much better reserved because that fresh eggs.

Older egg are right for boiling. As an egg ages and also its wait pocket it s okay larger, the becomes simpler to peel. Older eggs are a good choice for hard-boiled eggs, deviled egg or egg salad (7).

Older egg can also be offered for scrambled eggs, omelets, casseroles or quiches.

However, fried eggs and also poached eggs must ideally be made v fresh eggs.

The longer an egg sit in the fridge, the runnier the yolk and also whites will be. This method that using an larger egg might an outcome in a runny mess instead of a firm fried egg or a compact poached egg.

Additionally, one old egg may not it is in as effective a leavening agent for baking (7).

Nevertheless, older eggs have the right to be supplied for practically any purpose. If you’re not sure just how long an egg has been sit in the fridge, cracked it open and also conduct a sniff test first.

Summary: Boiled eggs are much easier to peel if they room made through older eggs. Older egg are likewise fine to usage for scrambled eggs, omelets, casseroles or quiches. Fresh eggs are best for frying, poaching or baking.

If girlfriend throw her eggs out when the day on the carton has passed, you might be wasting perfectly an excellent eggs.

With appropriate storage, eggs deserve to last for at least 35 mainly in the fridge and around a year in the freezer.

The much longer an egg is stored, the an ext its quality declines, making it much less springy and much more runny.

However, larger eggs space still an excellent for numerous uses. Lock are right for boiling and can be used for omelets, scrambled egg or small egg dishes.

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If you’re no sure how long one egg has remained in the fridge, crack it open on a clean plate and also check the it looks and also smells normal before use.