I discovered it in the Gulf that Mexico. I"m sort of worried since I"m sure by the moment someone replies below it"ll be too late. Any kind of suggestions? I have him in warmth freshwater due to the fact that I have actually no maritime aquarium setup. Have to I include table salt?? I"m clueless; you re welcome help.

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I really don"t know. I would look top top google for what castle need. The ideal you can shot and carry out is imitate its herbal surroundings.
If you don"t have a salt water fish tank, I would return it to where you discovered it.Conches, live on and also under sand bed in Saltwater tanks, they filter the sand because that food.Table salt is not the exact same as salt from seas for countless reasons.If you room not going to return it to the ar you obtained it, then at the very least take it into the LFS that encounters Saltwater or discover a friend v a Saltwater tank.If you want it simply for the shell, placed it exterior in the sun and let it die! Ants will uncover the shell and clean out the within for you.Please think twice prior to taking something from its natural environment when you have actually no way of looking after things.Anna
Well it"s a little bit too so late to return him to the ocean seeing as exactly how the closestly one is 1.75 hrs away come the east and also west of whereby I live. No issues though -- I have actually put that in a filtered saltwater tank. Ns took him come a neighborhood fish save that specialization in salt water tanks and they stated it will be apparent whether he"s dead or lively in a matter of 1-3 hours, and also sure enough he came right out of his shell after 45 minutes! i was so happy. I took my betta out of his tank and also put that in an unfiltered one and gave the 2.5 gallon tank come the conch. I"m yes, really excited.I just hope every little thing goes end smoothly and he lives. Tomorrow I"m walk to take a water sample back to the store and also have them test it and make sure every little thing is it s okay as much as parameters go due to the fact that I have no tools to test the water (hydrometer, ph tester, etc.)Let me understand your opinions please
This is the tank he remained in earlier, not the one he"s in now.
I"m tho trying to figure out why you would carry something house you knew nothing about and couldn"t properly care for.And friend tossed your Betta into a brand-new unfiltered tank ~ above a whim.I know you are brand-new and I"m not claimed to it is in rude but...My opinion is I"m happy I"m not one of your pets.
Take it down a notch guys, this people new.. We wouldn"t desire a new member come leave once they have actually so lot to find out from here.and Sandlotje, Welcome to keolistravelservices.com!Hope every little thing goes well through your brand-new pet.
Take it under a notch guys, this people new.. We wouldn"t want a brand-new member to leave as soon as they have actually so much to find out from here.and Sandlotje, Welcome come keolistravelservices.com!Hope every little thing goes well through your brand-new pet.
Thank you and also yes ns am fully new to all of this. I appreciate your support and hope anyone can concerned the same suggest of see as you.Unfortunately my brand-new pet did not make it. Ns think there to be too lot stress but I have learned a lot indigenous it. Ns think he passed away when i took him the end of the water they listed me and also made mine own. He quit moving roughly after I put him in my Saltwater solution and put the in a slightly bigger filtered tank. I followed the directions the civilization at the keep (the store that specialization in Saltwater tank setups) -- ns cleaned the various other tank with vinegar solution and cleaned the filter and readjusted the filter pad, scrubbed it v an acrylic cleaner, weighed just under .75 pounds of salt through a kitchen range and included it come the insanity water (.29 lbs/gallon and also 2.5 gallons). I put brand-new gravel in the tank, but because I didn"t know if they favor gravel, i made that so the tank was half gravel and fifty percent acrylic. Ns really don"t know what i did wrong. The male at the store tested the water through a hydrometer and said the salt was just a little high yet he wasn"t able come tell me what the reason of fatality was unfortunately. I really tried come do everything perfectly due to the fact that I want him to live since it was a beautiful shell. The just thing I have the right to think that is once I placed the water in the tank because that him, it to be 86 degrees according come the thermometer and the male says the was quite high.I have learned a lot though just from that one experience and am glad ns went with it. I"ve been reading a publication on how to set up marine aquariums anyway therefore please aid me out and also if you every have any thoughts please feel totally free to let me recognize or asking questions.
IMO the best advice i can give you and anyone else. Is do some reading and ask questions, prior to you shot it again.Also imo sw isn"t that tough to keep, however next time set you tank increase first, then pet, not pet 보다 tank.I wish you best of luck.
Welcome to keolistravelservices.com, Sandlotje.I to be glad you learned from her experience. Ns hope what you"ve learned is the it is best to eight yourself v knowledge before taking responsibility for a life.
IMO the best advice ns can give you and also anyone else. Is perform some reading and also ask questions, prior to you shot it again.Also imo sw isn"t that hard to keep, yet next time collection you tank up first, climate pet, not pet than tank.I wish you finest of luck.

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Welcome come keolistravelservices.com, Sandlotje.I to be glad girlfriend learned from her experience. I hope what you"ve learned is that it is finest to eight yourself v knowledge before taking obligation for a life.
Yes, give thanks to you so much for the support. I will absolutely go tank very first then fish following time and I will do a lot an ext reading and also get all of the suitable equipment. I absolutely did not arrangement on finding him in the ocean that day and I have to say that ns feel ns gained much more than ns lost due to the fact that I am that much more knowledgable and hopefully what i learned will stop the fatality of one more organism.Again thanx everyone, and also I"ll absolutely come to you all for assist when I carry out get all of the equipment and also have an ext questions!