Whether you"re looking for a sweet aroma, straightforward clean-up or heavy-duty branches, one of these famous picks will do.


While the can-never-quite-replicate-it aroma is most likely the biggest draw behind acquiring a actual Christmas tree (and may be the biggest factor in deciding what varieties of Christmas tree you"d think about buying), there space actually many benefits to picking a actual tree over a fake tree. "Christmas trees space an farming commodity, and choosing a genuine Christmas tree deserve to support a local farm business," states Stephanie D. Radin, M.S., the agriculture/horticulture routine leader at Cornell cooperative Extension in Dutchess County, new York. "Real Christmas trees advantage the environment by taking in carbon dioxide and other ecological gases and emitting oxygen. Tree farms aid to preserve green spaces. After ~ the holidays, Christmas trees can be recycled, composted or used as a habitat for wildlife. They have the right to serve together mulch in your landscape. They"re an important renewable resource!"

But that doesn"t mean they"re best for everybody. There room a few factors come consider before you walk strapping a tree to the hood of the car: Does your living an are have enough room to accommodate all the branches once they"ve unfurled? (They have tendency to spread out out much more than you"d think.) room you available to keep it watered, so it doesn"t dried out? If you"re traveling generally to see relatives over the holidays, you might return to a needly mess everywhere the floor.

But if you have actually the space and deserve to maintain a tree, you"ll it is in rewarded v its organic beauty and also aroma appropriate in her living room. Radin notes you deserve to local Christmas tree ranches by recognize one with the national Christmas Tree Association, or by checking your state"s Christmas Tree Association.

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But what carry out you gain once you go to the farm? There are many types of Christmas trees, each v their own qualities when it concerns look, fragrance, branch strength and also needle retention. If girlfriend want an easy clean-up, you"ll opt because that a kind that is less likely to dried out. If you’re looking to go all out v your Christmas decorations, stronger branches are much better for hanging more heavier homemade Christmas ornaments. Some kinds smell favor citrus, if others have a frosty, bluish cast to the color of their needles. One thing they all have in common, though, is the they every look gorgeous when done up for the holidays.

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1Best Overall: Balsam Fir


Those looking for something a little different might. Be drawn to the shade of the Colorado blue spruce, i m sorry comes v a wintry, blue/silver hue. Yet if you have actually toddlers at home, this most likely isn"t the finest choice. "Blue spruce have actually stiff branches v sharp needles so watch out!" Radin says. "It"s ideal to wear long sleeves when handling and also decorating. If you have nosy pets, this may be a good choice as the wake up from the needles will usually save them away." according to the Farmer"s Almanac, it has good needle retention, too.

Canaan Firs room often explained as gift very comparable to the Balsam Fir, Michigan State University expansion reports, yet with the included needle retention of the Fraser Fir. "It is a relative "new kid on the block" in to compare to various other Christmas tree species," Radin says. "It has actually a dense pyramidal shape choose Fraser and also balsam fir, and its needles often tend to curve upward."

The nationwide Christmas Tree Association states these are an excellent for ornaments because they have short, stiff needles. "They have excellent sheet color and also have a good, herbal shape," Dr. Ali says. Simply don"t buy it for the smell, the adds. "The needles room bluish-green, yet they have actually an uncomfortable aroma as soon as crushed."

Also referred to as the Concolor Fir, this tree has actually been acquiring in popularity. "It has actually a pleasant blue/green silvery color and also the needles as soon as crushed have actually a satisfied citrus aroma," Radin says. "It additionally has terrific needle retention."

This Norway Spruce example was so quintessentially Christmas, that adorned Rockefeller center in 2020. "Norway spruce is preferable for its weeping, pendulous form together a Christmas tree," Radin says. "But needle retention is not very good unless the tree are cut fresh and kept watered."

According to ProFlowers.com, the Scots pine tree (or Scotch Pine) is well-known for the darker green/blueish green color, which renders a declare in a life room. "Scots trees have actually a long-lasting aroma," Dr. Ali says. "And you don’t have to worry about losing needles if they"re retained well-watered."

These are finest if you"re going because that a organic look and also want the tree to be the focus in and of itself; follow to The nationwide Christmas Tree Association, they"re not great for ornaments and have tiny aroma, however the soft, flexible needles sure space pretty. "The white have nearly no fragrance, making it a favorite for those who have sensitive noses," Dr. Ali says.

With needles that jet straight upward, east Red Cedars are particularly dense and green. Fun fact: despite its name, it"s no actually a cedar tree — it"s really a part of the juniper family.

While it"s not anyone"s an initial choice that Christmas tree, the oriental fir has been popping up more and an ext because that its shape and also color. "It has actually dark eco-friendly needles with striking silvery undersides," Michigan State University extension reports. "The kind and unique texture include to this species’ appeal."

You can"t discover these everywhere — they"re mostly found in the western component of the unified States and also Canada. Yet if you"re in that region and desire something unique, girlfriend can try the corkbark fir, i beg your pardon is a selection of the subalpine fir. "Subalpine fir provides a beautiful Christmas tree v a compact, pyramidal type and bluish needles," Michigan State University extension says, note it"s a tree because that "connoisseurs" (an idea we love). "Corkbark fir is slower growing and more compact 보다 subalpine fir and has even bluer needles.

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