Siberian Tiger scientific Classification

KingdomAnimaliaPhylumChordataClassMammaliaOrderCarnivoraFamilyFelidaeGenusPantheraScientific NamePanthera Tigris Altaica

Siberian Tiger conservation Status

Siberian Tiger Locations




A regal symbol of strength, power, and fortitude, the Siberian tiger is among the fiercest predators in the world.

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With its immense size and powerful body, the Siberian tiger prowls the thick forests of eastern Asia trying to find prey. Specially adjusted for the frigid climate in which it resides, it is a advanced predator capable of acquisition down nearly any other animal, no matter its size. But since of the value put on the luxurious fur and also the claimed medicinal nature of that is parts, the pet is under consistent threat of extinction from human activity. Meticulous conservation efforts and protection native local federal governments will be required to bolster current populace numbers.

Incredible Siberian Tiger Facts!Other typical names for the Siberian tiger incorporate the Amur tiger, Manchurian tiger, and Korean tiger.The Siberian tiger is an important mythological prize to some native societies in the region it resides.Like a human fingerprint, no two tigers have the specific same strip pattern.The stripes top top a tiger aid camouflage the tiger, so it deserve to sneak up on and also kill prey v one powerful blow.Siberian many tigers require substantial amounts of natural territory come roam, which makes them particularly susceptible to person encroachment and habitat loss.

Siberian Tiger scientific Name

The scientific name that the Siberian tiger is Panthera tigris altaica. The word ‘tigris’ means tiger in ancient Greek. However, the Greeks apparently borrowed the indigenous from various other languages, favor Persian. Words ‘altaica’ is derived from the name of the Altaic language group, i beg your pardon is spoken across central and east Asia.The Siberian tiger is at this time classified as a subspecies that the tiger, which renders it closely related to the Caspian tiger, Bengal tiger, and also Malayan tiger. There has been part debate about how countless subspecies of the tiger truly exist, but a genetic analysis supported the idea the there are possibly as countless as six unique subspecies in total. Return they room technically the same species, these groups are be separated geographically by thousands of miles across Asia.The tiger is part of the same genus as the lion, jaguar, and leopard. It likely branched turn off from the remainder of the genus a couple of million years ago, maybe somewhere in central Asia. The tiger is an ext distantly regarded the wildcats, tamed cats, and also cougars in other genera in ~ the felid family.

Siberian Tiger Appearance and Behavior

The Siberian tigers room the largest and also most an effective subspecies of tigers in the world — and among the most an effective animals that any types anywhere. The dimension of the tiger can vary widely, yet the biggest specimens deserve to be approximately 11-feet long and have a weight of close come 700 or even 800 pounds, which renders these animals practically the size of a grand piano.The Siberian tigers have a special coat of fur to defend them native the frigid climates of their indigenous habitat. The fur is composed largely that pale orange colorations approximately the head, legs, and also back, plus extr white colors approximately the eyes, snout, cheeks, and inner legs. The most distinctive function of the Siberian tiger is the narrow black stripes around the head and also body, which gives camouflage and also stealth in the forests. However, that has fairly fewer stripes compared to various other tiger subspecies.Other distinguishing qualities of the Siberian tiger encompass the special paws, short pointed ears, planarization head and snout, a huge muscular body, and also a tube-shaped tail through black and white markings. It has longer hind legs than front legs, which enables it to jump truly impressive distances in the air to subdue prey. Your long and fearsome claws and also teeth enable them come latch on and also prevent the prey from escaping.Tigers mainly interact through their sense of smell and also their restricted vocalizations. Their long whiskers also help them navigate near spaces, particularly in the dark. However, like many other felid species, Siberian tigers absence a facility social structure. They are greatly solitary creatures the aggressively police their regions through one of two people claw clues on tree or scent marks sprayed v urine and also secretions. This tells other tigers to it is in wary of intruding on one individual’s existing hunting grounds.Despite their fierce ar aggression, these tigers space actually somewhat mobile animals that have actually been recognized to travel numerous miles at a time searching for homes and also mating opportunities. Young adult males in details may relocate frequently before establishing a an ext permanent territory. Male and also female territories often overlap slightly for mating purposes.


Siberian Tiger Habitat

The Siberian tiger once occupied a bigger swath that territory across the contemporary Russian far East, northeastern China, and also the oriental peninsula. But due to population loss, the subspecies is now limited to a narrow selection around the Sikhote-Alin mountain variety near the Pacific coast of Russia. The is also feasible that the selection extends slightly right into North Korea and China. This tigers have tendency to choose the thick mixed forests about the region. Their distribution appears to be based upon the existence of food in the area.

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Siberian Tiger Diet

The Siberian tiger is a carnivorous apex predator that feeds nearly entirely top top meat. Its diet is composed primarily of large ungulate prey (meaning hoofed animals) such as elk, roe deer, and wild boar. Various other potential food includes rabbits, salmon, and also even, on rare occasions, bears. Castle have also been known to feeding on livestock in areas where tigers and also humans overlap. They choose to hunt at night when their food is many active.Despite their massive size, tigers space silent and stealthy hunters that will certainly sneak increase on food under covering of rocks and also trees to ambush and kill them practically instantly through a an effective bite to the neck. Castle can likewise run at height speeds of approximately 30 to 40 miles per hour for short periods the time to chase prey.Only a small fraction of ambushes will actually result in a effective kill, so the tiger must be continually vigilant for great hunting opportunities. They can eat as much as 60 pounds of food during a solitary successful night, yet they have the right to survive on much less if lock cannot record an enough amount that food. The tiger does not usually eat every part of the deceased prey, leaving behind part of the carcass for other animals.Siberian tigers nearly always try to avoid call with humans, however a few animals have actually been well-known to eat human being if their timeless prey is absent or they can not hunt successfully due to the fact that they room sick or old. These types of “maneaters” space rare, but once they’ve begun eating human flesh, they regularly may make it a regular part of their diet.