The Blarney Castle, county Cork, Ireland

First time visitors to Ireland have decisions come make. While little in size, this island nation is loadedwith incredible points to do.

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Oncewe made decision to visit Ireland, us jumped online and beganresearchingthings to carry out on our 2 week road trip. We quickly learned that we’d never be able to see whatever on this trip. There’s just too numerous things to see and do in Ireland.

We had a general idea the what we wanted to check out – old castles, colourful pubs, Cliffs the Moher, Giant’s Causeway, the Wild Atlantic Way– however trying come narrow down the perform was no easy task.

Now, store in mind, us only had actually 10 days to circle the whole island, consisting of Northern Ireland, since we invested the very first 3 days exploring Dublin. So, before we determined on the road expedition route, we had to an initial decide what attractions we want to incorporate on thistrip.


One the Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions is the Blarney Castle,a medieval stronghold in Blarney.

Visitorsfrom anywhere the civilization come tothis old castleto climb to the peak andkiss itsfamous Blarney Stone. The reason people kiss the stone is come ‘gain the gift that eloquence’, though I’m still not totally sure just how kissing a stone can do someone eloquent.

With so plenty of castles and attractions in Ireland, we doubted whether the Blarney lock was worth avisit. Does it live approximately the hype? Is there a far better castle option?

We receivedmixed reviews about visiting the Blarney Castle.

Some people said it was a highlight of their trip. Others said the castle was no safe because that toddlers and young children. We assumed fact was somewhere in the middle.

I suppose the real concern is even if it is you desire to include Cork to your itinerary. It’s a large city and also many the the recommended road pilgrimage routes suggested we bypass Cork and also opt for the smallertowns instead.


After spending a couple of days in Dublinwe agreed the spending a fewnights in the landscape was the bestoption.We decided to stayat the Blarney Golf Resort because it had a swim pool and also was located fairly close to the castle.

Staying in ~ the golf coursefor two nights also allowed us to visit the surrounding town ofCobh (more top top this cute seasidetown in a future post).

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Our visit come the Blarney Castle began like most tasks on our road expedition – with many rain.

As shortly as we entered the gatesthe rain beganto fall. This was a usual trend throughout our time in Ireland. Us live in Vancouver, for this reason we’re offered to the rain. We didn’t permit it stop us native visiting this famous attraction.

The great thing about Irish rain is the it doesn’t last really long.

We hid under a large tree and waited because that the rain come let up. That’s whereby we recorded the above photo. Braydon retained running right into the ar to view if the rain had actually stopped, which the did after around 10 minutes.


The gardens inthe Blarney Castle complex are equally impressive.

There areover 60 acre of gardens, avenues, arboretums and waterways. And also with all that rain, the flowers and also plants are rather lush and also colourful.


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Inside the Blarney Castle

Afew civilization told united state the within of the castle was no a an excellent place for young children. While we did keep a tight grip ~ above Connor’s hand, us didn’t discover the lock to be also dangerous.

There space a most stones ~ above the ground, and also the stairs and walkways are uneven (this is a 600 year old lock after all), soit’s finest to take it slow and also watch your step.


It’s difficult to imagine that these hallways faced many battles end the years.


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The stair in the castle are steep, windy and narrow.

Some sections have actually a rope the you have the right to grab, but most carry out not. You should be patient inthe stairwells due to the fact that you can only have one adult usage the stairs at a time. It was a tiny sketchy in some sections, so us madesure that each boy had actually an adult hand to hold onto.

That said, the boys had actually a the majority of fun trying out the various rooms and tunnels inside the castle. It’s not every day they obtain to beat in a actual live castle!


The views from the height of the castle are rather impressive and also well precious the rise up the narrow stairs. I’m not an excellent with heights, sothe autumn on either side of the external walkwaymade me rather nervous.

The floor is uneven and also there are a lot of edges that you have the right to trip on. And also it’s a long way down.

As you can see in the photo below, there room railings roughly the within ledge for safety purposes. We still preserved a an extremely tight fixed on ours boys’ hands. I’m sure it’s safe. But I wasn’t taking any kind of risks.


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You may have noticed something different around these outdoor images – they have actually sunshine! By the time we had actually climbed come the height of the caste the skies had actually cleared and also the sunlight made an appearance.

Irish weather is therefore fickle.


Kissing the Blarney Stone

Nicole kissedthe Blarney Stone. Ns did not. I have no attention in putting my mouth top top a surface ar that has seen numerous mouths. Nicole, top top the various other hand, didn’t think twice. Apparently she now has actually the gift that eloquence.

To kiss the Blarney Stone, you actually need to lean backwards and also grab the stole railing. Over there is a male there to hold you and also keep the heat moving. There are likewise railings under the rock for second layer of safety.

Even v these precautions, it’s quiet feels unnecessarilysketchy.

Surprisingly, prior to these steel railings were attached, visitors wereheld by your ankles and also slowly lowered head first to kiss the stone. Is it just me, or does the sound insanelydangerous?

Adding the rails was a good idea.



This is the killing Hole.

Yes, you review that correctly. During battle, if the enemy made itthrough the key gatethey would have to walk under this hole to enter the castle. Guards would certainly drop boiling warm oil and also stonesthrough this hole, quickly killing the unsuspecting intruders.

It’s brutal, but effective.



Is it precious visiting the Blarney Castle?

Back come the inquiry at hand. Have to you add the Blarney castle to her Ireland vacation?

In ours opinion, yes. We took pleasure in our time in ~ the Blarney Castle and also would introduce you include it to her Ireland itinerary. It’s rather impressive.

There’s an ext to this attraction than the castle. Our guys loved to run aroundthe lush gardens and also exploring the woodland that surrounds the castle. It’s a fun ar to spend a few hours.


Things to know before you go

A family pass (2 adults & 2 children) prices 32 Euros. Purchase tickets at the gate entrance or online.The Castle and also Gardens are open all year round. Closing times adjust throughout the year but it’s normally 6:00 PM.It’s best to arrive early on or late in the afternoon. This is among Ireland’s most famed attractions, which means lots of tourist buses and large crowds. If you come mid-day, you will have actually long lines inside the castle and also at the Blarney Stone. We came down on 3:00 afternoon on a Wednesday in so late June. As you have the right to see indigenous ourphotos, us lucked out with no crowds. This is not the norm, so store that in mind.Plan to spend at the very least 2 hours exploring the castle and grounds.

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there is atunnel cave under the castle and also several distinctive gardens and trails, including the toxicity Garden and Bog Garden.

Have you went to the Blarney Castle?

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