In "Game that Thrones" and also its sequels, George R R boy name refers to areas as being hundreds or even thousands the leagues apart. I assumed a organization was three miles, but if so, his characters are travelling roughly really fast. Is he using "league" because that "mile"?



So Spake Martin:

Yes, a league is three miles.

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And top top the worry of distances and inconsistencies:

I have deliberately do the efforts to it is in vague about such things, so i don"t have obsessive fans with rulers measuring distances on the map and also telling me Ned couldn"t gain from X come Y while I say he did.

However, if girlfriend really have to know, friend can figure out the distances for yourself. The wall surface is a hundreds leagues long. A league is three miles. Walk from there.

But if you rotate up any mistakes in take trip times by utilizing that measure, let that be her secret.

Shhh! we won"t phone call if friend don"t!

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George R. R. Martin claims that occasions aren"t composed chronologically and also the chapters happen in a work or a month or a year... So it"s not that these characters are all over the ar in a short time frame due to the fact that you never ever really know just how long journeys take unless the author flat out tells you. Also, sometimes the characters ago track or have actually to address some kind of worry so they can take longer to get from point A to allude B.



On web page 605 of a Dance through Dragons, Stannis is 100 leagues from Winterfell, or "Three hundreds miles together the crow flies."

So it sounds as if GRRM is making use of something close come the conventional 3.48 miles an interpretation of a league.

In addition to Gilles" answer; there is proof in the publications that a organization is about equal to three miles.From A Dance v Dragons:

“One hundreds leagues indigenous Deepwood Motte to Winterfell,” stated Artos Flint, the night the argument boiled to a head in Galbart Glover’s longhall. “Three hundreds miles as the crow flies.”-A tune of Ice and also Fire: A Dance through Dragons, component One - Dreams and Dust, thing Fourty-Two (The King"s Prize).

The league originally described the distance that a person could walk in one hour. The English organization is undoubtedly 3 miles, but there was no worldwide standard and as such the league has actually fallen the end of use as a unit that measurement. As far as i know, no critical standard has actually been collection for what a league actually is so I would certainly personally go through the most basic which is the distance a person have the right to walk in one hour.

Jon Snow claims the distance from the wilding camp to Dorne is 10,000 leagues. In ~ 30,000 miles, that"s longer than the earth"s circumference. If this is really the battle of the Roses and set in England (Yorks v Lancasters), then it"s an ext like 1/10 mile per league, but then that doesn"t work-related for the wall which need to be numerous miles long. So ns take the prize to be that got is 8,000 pages and keeping the ranges correct was the end of our league....

A league is 3 miles together many posts have mentioned in ADWD Stannis is 100 leagues or 300 mile from Winterfell. The understanding of that distance is how far the average human being walks in one hour (humans typical 3 miles every hour)

We don"t really know how fast personalities are traveling despite it may be safe to say the the most anyone travel in a day is about 10 leagues (30 miles). A horse on a level or tenderness rolling terrain has actually a max the 40 miles in a day and well most terrain isn"t ideal and most of our personalities tend to be moving around on foot a lot.

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As for several of the "thousands the leagues" that acquire mentioned those can be an expression because that "really F###ing far" or it can be that the ranges aren"t surveyed measure up out but are rather provided in regards to travel time. A yes, really steep hill that is only a mile in true distance can be given a better distance in the way that characters perceive the distance.