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Uh-oh is an expression supplied to indicate mild alarm or problem in solution to other negative, such together a mistake. It’s typically said right when you establish something is wrong or something poor has happened.

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It’s periodically spelled uh oh, there is no the hyphen. Uh-oh is one interjection, an interpretation it’s a term used to express emotion, often exterior of a sentence.

Uh-oh is usually only supplied in response to cases that room mildly negative or unfortunate, favor minor failure or setbacks—you i will not ~ say uh-oh in an answer to a tragedy or something very serious.

Uh-oh can also be offered in a an extremely informal method as a noun definition a failure or miscellaneous that’s cause for concern, as in That part was one uh-oh, yet I believed it looked an excellent so I preserved it together it was. This deserve to sound childish (much prefer calling a mistake a boo-boo) and also is frequently used to it is in humorous.

Example: Uh-oh—looks choose I forgot come mail that letter.

The first records of uh-oh in written English come native the at an early stage 1900s, yet it was probably used in talked English for rather a lengthy time before that. It’s consisted of of the indigenous uh and also oh, yet don’t invest too lot time thinking around what they median in combination—uhoh is simply one of those words it is ultimately based on the sounds people make in reaction come things. There room some comparable expressions, such together uh-uh (meaning “no”), uh-huh (meaning “yes”), and ruh-roh (the means that Scooby-Doo claims uh-oh).

Due to the means it’s used, uh-oh is much more often spoken than written. But you can send that in a text, such as in an answer to your friend telling you the they forgot their mom’s birthday. Many often, it’s said in reaction come something that has just taken place (like obtaining a rip in her shirt) or has just been realized (like that you forgot to carry out a project that’s early out today). Once it’s claimed in solution to a mistake, uh-oh is comparable to words oops. However, oops means that the mistake to be one’s fault, vice versa, uh-oh regularly simply shows that every little thing happened is bad.

When it’s provided as a noun, uh-oh is provided with the very same level the informality as part other very simplistic terms, such together no-no, together in It’s a huge no-no to do that many uh-ohs in your an initial presentation.

What room some other develops related to uh-oh?

uh five (alternate spelling)uh-ohs (plural)

What room some synonyms for uh-oh?

What room some words the share a root or word facet with uh-oh

What are some native that regularly get used in discussing uh-oh?

Uh-oh is a reaction come something bad, however something bad that’s no all the serious. If you to speak uh-oh come something yes, really bad, it can seem insensitive.

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My dog has actually learned that when I to speak “uh-oh” or “oops” in the kitchen it means I’ve dropped food most likely on the floor. Therefore every time ns say either ns look down to this pic.twitter.com/TDaSwjzwYp

— peace was never an choice (
EatME75226256) might 10, 2020

Cool, well, ns disagree. Yet if a $5 difference is precious a couple of thousand dollars' worth of potential printer uh-ohs come you, knock yerself out.

— stole Spike (

In which of the following instances would it be most proper to say uh-oh?

A. Once receiving flower for her birthdayB. Once realizing friend forgot to water the plantsC. As soon as hearing the someone is really sickD. As soon as stubbing her toe