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‘Officers have been top top hand at university occasions giving away cups, party openers and also other souvenirs through logos recall them how to keep safe.’‘There will certainly be unique quiz shows and also the winners will certainly be awarded v souvenirs to repeat them of their participation in the fiesta.’‘I had actually packed up a box of gifts and souvenirs to delivery home, therefore we went to the post office.’‘This shop now has a wonderful stock of gifts, souvenirs, music books, songbooks and instrument manuals.’‘I"m right now awaiting a shipment of curios and also other souvenirs because that the gift shop.’‘And after that they offered him the sphere as a souvenir and a producer take it him to view the control room.’‘The tartan, everything it is, will administer a souvenir as soon as he departs Scotland in June.’‘The Denver station has actually a huge waiting room, a save for souvenirs and a snack bar.’‘Sometimes us hear complaints that some souvenir shops market mass produced souvenirs often made outside new Zealand.’‘We carry out not need or desire souvenirs from events that are repeatable.’‘Afterwards they deserve to take residence their video clip recordings as souvenirs of their memorable performances.’‘The company, selected with bids, should administer ready do food and also drinks, souvenirs and ferry tickets at two points.’‘Across the street was a post office, so ns took advantage and mailed my first batch that souvenirs home.’‘Light music to be played transparent the night and vital chain souvenirs were offered out to the travellers on that day.’‘However, sales of souvenirs, books and maps to be up top top 2002.’‘The eggshells are provided to produce souvenirs and lamps, which have actually had an excellent popularity with the Austrian consumer.’‘Despite the fact that these publications were composed in Mandarin Chinese, patrons still took the publications home as souvenirs.’‘It is also hoped to have actually a few short races for tiny tots and all will obtain special souvenirs of their first outing.’‘The centenary souvenirs will certainly be on revenue at residence matches and also have so much been marketing well.’


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‘many components of the aircraft have been souvenired’‘What it every boils under to is souveniring the experience and also bad smells.’‘That is why these poems have to be souvenired by, or offered to, visitors to main Australia.’‘I souvenired the offending CD indigenous the floor the the carriage.’‘Rowell souvenired her regulate wheel yet the aircraft slowly resolved into the mud of the swamp.’‘Like all good things in military museums, if over there weren"t civilization souveniring items, we wouldn"t have a museum would certainly we?’‘Eventually the mission and the church were deserted, the building fell right into decay, and also presently tourist souvenired the surviving religious statues.’‘Men room still the tidier sex, leaving the cleanest rooms and women space still top top the most wanted list for souveniring an ext in-room amenities.’