The ciabatta (feminine, plural: ciabatte) is a classic form of Italian bread make from wheat, flour, water, salt, yeast and olive oil. Recognisable through its long flat shape, large holes and crunchiness, it is a an extremely popular an option for sandwich-making throughout the world.

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You may be surprised to learn that the ciabatta isn’t an ancient bread whose recipe has been handed under for generations. In fact, that was first invented in 1982 through baker Arnaldo Cavallari, that was concerned that the reliance on French baguettes because that sandwiches was endangering the enterprise of bakers approximately Italy.

Origin the the word:Ciabatta is actually one means of saying slipper in Italian. We deserve to assume that the long, broad, flat shape the the bread reminded Cavallari the this certain kind the footwear!


How to express ‘ciabatta’ in Italian

As with many Italian food names, ciabatta has been Anglicised to suit the sounds of the English language. The said, over there isn’t a substantial difference in between the 2 pronunciations.

In fact, the just relevant difference is that English speaker don’t express the dual tt. Americans commonly pronounce it as a ‘d’ sound vice versa, the British usage a solitary ‘t’ sound. In order to produce the twin tt properly, girlfriend must host the consonant for a brief second before releasing. It have to sound similar to a very short stop in the middle of the word.


Adoro la ciabatta! = ns love ciabatta bread!

Ho comprato tre ciabatte dal panettiere questa mattina.

I bought 3 ciabatta lump at the bakery this morning.

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Other interpretations for ciabatta in Italian are:

a multi-plug adapter or power strip (due to its oblong shape)an old human being or point that is taken into consideration worn-out and also useless

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