The Ukrainian language is taken into consideration to be one of the world’s many beautiful languages. Finding out a few useful phrases as soon as planning a expedition to Ukraine will certainly make your mind an ext open and also the trip easier. Therefore, we’ve all set a perform of 21 necessary phrases you’ll certainly need.

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Доброго ранку / Добридень / Добрий вечір (do-bro-ho ran-ku / do-bry-den’ / do-bryi ve-chir) – great morning / good afternoon / great evening

Ukrainian human being are an extremely friendly and also welcoming. Thus, greetings constitute a far-ranging part of day-to-day life. There are an ext than 10 alternatives for starting a conversation, however “good morning,” “good afternoon,” and “good evening” space the most preferred ones. Make certain you use among them once entering a shop, restaurant, bank or once you room asking someone a question.

Ukrainians like to thank human being for things. So, do not hesitate if girlfriend feel favor it is appropriate to thank a waiter, a seller or anyone else for good service. You won’t offend anyone.

Tak and nie are maybe the most basic Ukrainian words for foreigners. They average “yes” and “no” in English, respectively.


Vybachte in English means “excuse me” and is usually used to apologize for hurting someone or law something wrong. Meanwhile, pereproshyuy is an alternative to a greeting. Because that example, if you’d favor to asking what time it is, you must say pereproshyuy.

Local people can talk really fast, but don’t despair. The younger generations and also employees at establishments are forced to recognize English. Just say the phrase above and they’ll discover someone to assist you.

When leaving a place, the is polite come say, do pobachenya. You’ll definitely be understood and also appreciated.

If you room traveling come a large Ukrainian city like Kiev (the capital), Kharkov, Lviv, or Odessa, nothing worry, all the shops and also food venues have totally free WiFi and you can use Google or other map apps. However, if you setup to check out the Ukrainian wilderness or the country’s rural towns and also villages, you’ll need to know straightforward directions. So, for “right” locals say pravoruch, and also for “left,” livoruch. Simple together that.

Usually, many of the attractions, restaurants, bars, and other venues are situated in the city center. It is why the native tsentr mista will be really advantageous for you when telling a driver where to go or navigating back from exterior the city.


Я голодний / Я голодна (ya ho-lo-dnyi / ya ho-lo-dna) – i’m hungry (male shortcut / female conjugation)

The Ukrainian language is rather complicated, and it has male and female conjugations in many cases. The expression “I’m hungry” is no exception. Mental to use the right form, yet locals will still know you if you say it wrong.

Getting a glass that water in Ukraine is tricky. Practically every to meet lacks tap water, together it is too polluted to drink. So, once asking because that water, be ready to salary $1-2 every bottle.

The rich seasonings of Ukrainian cuisine room becoming an ext and more popular almost everywhere the world. Therefore, it is a total must to try such dishes together borscht, salo (pork fat), syrniki (cottage cheese pancakes), or banush (well-smoked corn grits).

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Not sure just how to say that you’ve took pleasure in your meal? just say smachno, which method “delicious” or “tasty” in Ukrainian.